Mental Eavesdropping


To become proficient at the deliberate application of the Law of Attraction, it’s vital that we monitor our thinking. By this, I’m not suggesting that we need to know the nature of each and every thought, for such would be impossible; but we must certainly realize the gist of our mind. In this process of mental eavesdropping, we might imagine that we’re a dutiful guard standing watch at the doorway of our mind. Our primary task is to grant entry to positive thoughts; and to deny entry to all negative.

For individuals new to the Law of Attraction, the idea of monitoring our thinking may seem very strange. To achieve the results that we desire, however, the importance of this must be grasped. As Napoleon Hill stated in Think and Grow Rich, most people don’t actually think.  They allow their minds to drift in one direction one minute; a different direction the next. This scattered focus leads to haphazard results. Successful creators are able to maintain a relaxed but concentrated focus at will. How, though, do we develop the habit of focusing properly when we experience average 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day?

The task of mental eavesdropping–which may seem daunting at first–becomes easier when we understand the role of feelings, which serve as invaluable indicators of our thought patterns. The key is understanding this: The thoughts we think lead to the feelings we experience. Thus, the way we’re feeling reveals the nature of our thoughts. Through the course of a day, we may apply this knowledge effectively by paying attention to how we feel. If we’re feeling good, joyous, and content, we may just continue on our course. If we’re feeling angry, depressed, or frustrated, we’re wise to examine the nature of our thoughts. In most cases, a negative thought pattern will be evident. Perhaps we’re regretful about the past, or fearful about the future. A loved one may have died, or an important relationship concluded. Business may have been slow, or our health been less than optimal.

I’m not suggesting we should become automatons; we are, after all, having a human experience. However, for the sake of manifesting effectively, we’re wise to get our thinking back on track as soon as possible. Although down days are only natural, we don’t have to let them sabotage our future. In this regard, gratitude is a powerful habit, for it can quickly transform our state of mind. Every day, we have so much for which to be grateful: our health, our family, our friendships, our work. And by aligning with our positive nature, we’re also aligning with Source–a good place to be!

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2017 – R. Arthur Russell

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