Journey to a Coffee Cup

Journey to a Coffee Cup3

The most powerful and consequential conditioning in our life is that of which we are unaware. Such conditioning is broad and deep and hidden; consisting of layer upon layer of belief. It not only determines the quality of results we experience, but also how we experience reality itself. When innocent and fresh upon this world of opposites, we were informed of so much. This is that; and that is this. We were handed name after name for all shape, form, thing, and experience. Our mind–which arrived empty–was written upon with information that we would continue to read for many years. However…

At some point, we may have become curious about the nature of reality itself. The subject of the Law of Attraction brings this strongly into focus; for its very nature relates to what’s deemed possible and impossible. On a personal level, we question whether our dreams truly can come true. Most often, our rational mind strongly rebels; for it appears as though there’s no correlation between thought and what we actually experience in our lives. Adding to our confusion, Biblical passages and mystical teachings make claims that appear either miraculous or ludicrous. Such seem bizarre for one reason only: At the heart of our knowledge, we unquestioningly assume reality to be as we have been conditioned to believe. Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) shared his view about this subject through the following quote: Reality is merely an illusion, albeit it a very persistent one.

What if we questioned how we know–or truly experience–anything? As the title of this article suggests, we’re going to examine how we know a coffee cup. How does the coffee cup–which appears out there in our hand–get into our mind, where it becomes real in the darkness of brain matter enclosed within a skull? Let’s examine the mechanics of sight: When we see, the cornea and lens of our eyes focus light onto the retina, where it’s converted into neuronal signals that are ultimately processed–as in our example–into a coffee cup. Our programming is so pervasive, that we view–with absolute certainty–the coffee cup as existing independent of the consciousness through which it’s experienced, and out of which it’s made! To absorb this understanding more deeply, we may pick up a coffee cup and contemplate if we can possibly know it (experience it directly) by any means other than the thoughts, sensations, and perceptions of it. We will discover that such is impossible.

This article is obviously not merely about a coffee cup. It’s a journey in which we peel away illusion and discover a new way of experiencing reality–intended as a pointer toward understanding how our greatest desires may manifest. In truth, the journey to a coffee cup occurs via the same process in which we journey to a rose; to a mountain; to the moon; to a pencil or a pen. All things–of which we’ve been informed by Buddha, great sages, and quantum physicists–have no intrinsic existence outside of consciousness itself. All of them are formed from perceptions…only. The way we experience the coffee cup is thus: Through the five senses–which inform us of the object through sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. We see the coffee cup–shape and colour. We feel the coffee cup–texture. We hear the coffee cup–clink of china. We taste its contents. We smell the aroma of the coffee. The coffee cup occurs in consciousness. We cannot prove it exists outside our direct experience; which is our consciousness of it. This way of experiencing the coffee cup is at 180 degrees from the way we assumed the world to be.

Does this imply that all we have to do to achieve our goals is believe? That out of no thing–from no where–what we imagine will come into being? No, far from it! However, our beliefs are intimately and directly connected with what we will experience. There are fixed natural laws to this game of reality we’re playing; perhaps the most important being this: Action is required! In fact, action is part of what makes life vibrantly alive! To not move–to not act–goes against one of the deepest truths of nature: That everything is vibrating and moving; even seemingly solid things.

What benefit is this knowledge? From the perspective of the Law of Attraction, this: to serve as a bridge of understanding via which we may achieve more of our important dreams. Perhaps we desire physical healing–to let go of the belief of disease and imagine our body whole, strong, perfect, restored, functioning in harmony. Perhaps we desire financial gain–to let go of the belief of lack, poverty, and meager earnings. Perhaps we desire success–to let go of the belief of failure, fated loss, and misery. Through greater understanding of the underlying nature of reality itself, we may more easily entertain new–more empowering–beliefs. From this vantage point, the following passage from the Bible (Mathew 17:20, English Standard Version) may potentially seem possible: For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Is the mountain–so seemingly real–not made of thoughts, sensations, and perceptions–which likewise made the coffee cup real? Now, what mountain–disease, poverty, failure–do we wish to move? A previously hidden system of beliefs may be the only obstacle in our way.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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