Exchanging Paradigms

Changing Paradigms5

As defined in a previous article, paradigms are a collection of beliefs held in the subconscious mind that serve as a model or blueprint for our life experiences. Many of our paradigms are positive and serve us beneficially. Some, however, are negative and detrimentally affect the quality of our life. We can easily understand the importance of exchanging negative paradigms for the better.

How can this be accomplished? The first course of action is to realize they exist. Although it’s true that we cannot directly witness paradigms, we can definitely notice their effects. A useful analogy would be to think of paradigms as the wind–made knowable through a weather vane. We can notice our paradigms by observing how we navigate through life. When we pay attention, we’ll notice that we perform most activities in a predictable and habitual manner. For instance: After a shower, we begin to dry ourselves in a definite pattern–arms, chest, and then lower body? When brushing our teeth, we begin from right to left or top to bottom? When driving our car, we buckle our seat belt immediately or just prior to pulling away? Believe that there’s no such thing as paradigms? Then watch next time as your habits drive you to the same parking space, in the same lot, at your local grocery! These actions are due to the function of paradigms.

A useful technique to exchange paradigms–which is described in this article–was borrowed from a hypnotist’s internet presentation. In it, the hypnotist shared that we could conceptualize the subconscious mind as a glass container, perhaps in the shape of a carafe or flask. The flask is full of our subconscious paradigms–both good and bad. Fluid symbolically represents the paradigms contained within the flask.

For the purpose of learning this technique, we may imagine that the flask contains a belief system (paradigm) that’s producing a negative effect regarding a goal we desire to achieve. Perhaps we have a habit of procrastination that’s hindering us from completing our goals in a timely fashion. Next, we may imagine dropping a new and positive belief (conceptualized as a pebble) into the flask every time we perform our tasks on time. Initially this may not appear to make any difference to the amount of volume in the flask. But, when we drop pebble after pebble–day in and day out–our limiting beliefs will be displaced. They’ll simply spill away to darkness where they belong. The key with this method is mindful repetition. When we’re present, we’ll see that it’s actually possible to choose our habits.

So, please take an honest introspective peek. What paradigm needs exchanging? Anger? Defensiveness? Excessive consumption of food or alcohol? Fearfulness? Irritability? Jealousy? Tardiness? Is there a belief that’s preventing us from experiencing a healthier and happier life, or hijacking our degree of success? If we’re aware of a limiting paradigm, now’s the time to symbolically drop that first pebble and take inspired action toward the change we desire.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

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