Light Prevails

The following is “actual” radio communication that was recorded via satellites functioning for Awareness One. I apologize for the poor sound quality:


Triple6: “Ccssshh, come in, Bastard Child. This is Triple6.”

Bastard Child: “Go ahead, Triple6.”

Triple6: “Ccssshh. There’s been a breach.”

Bastard Child: “Go ahead, Triple6.”

Triple6: “Ccssshh. I say again, ‘there’s been a breach.'”

Bastard Child: “Let’s try this one more time. Say again.”

Triple6: “Ccsshhh. THERE’S BEEN A BREACH!”

Bastard Child: Dead line. Buzzzz.

Triple6: “Redial.”

Bastard Child: “Hello, you’ve reached Diablo Incognito. Your call is important to us. All of our Dark Operators are busy right now, but if you care to stay on the line, we’ll have our way with you as soon as possible. Directory options include: Press 1, to enroll in current Dark Classes101; Press 2, for Upcoming Evil Events; Press 3, for Despicable Deeds; Press 4, for Greed/Corruption/Propaganda; Press 5, for Egotistical Leaders of Our Time; Press 6, for all other inquiries. We’re experiencing heavier than expected call volume at this time. Expected wait time is two-and-a-half hours. Key muzak: The Devil In The Blue Dress.

Triple6: (Lights a cigarette, bites his nails, taps his fingers). A finished pack later: Muzak ends:

Bastard Child: “How may I help you?”

Triple6: “We’ve experienced a tear in our narrative.”

Bastard Child: “How big a tear?”

Triple6: “Large–waist to crotch. We are officially exposed.”

Bastard Child: “Are you saying, worldwide?”

Triple6: “Confirmed, worldwide. They know.”

Bastard Child: “Who’s they?

Triple6: “The Awakened.”

Bastard Child: “Any chance that synchronized media patches could cover?”

Triple6: “No possible way.”

Bastard Child: “Be advised, this call never happened; this call never happened; this call never happened.”

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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3 thoughts on “Light Prevails

    1. Hi Monica,
      I’ve just re-read “Naming the Un-Named.” It is a tremendous work of poetry. I would love to share it…to help your work reach more readers if you wish. Do you have a linkedin profile? If not, I understand; but please keep writing and sharing.

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