Invitation To Play

My intention in writing this article is neither to inform nor entertain. To do so would betray the real purpose, which is to remind. Please join me, if you will, on a journey of remembering the feeling of days when our spirit sang with freedom; when we lived happily unaware of mind chores that claim they must be done; when the words yesterday and tomorrow were foreign to our vocabulary. “This” is still vibrantly alive within us.

During the next few hours, you’re invited to:

  • Withdraw from all media news; in spite of being fearful of being struck ignorant or uncaring.
  • Write a list of 12.279 things that must be absolutely right before you will enjoy life. Prove the list wrong by literally or figuratively burning it.
  • Drop the seeming importance of your medals, trophies, formal education, resumé, and achievements. Ask, “Are they?” Realize the same of your so-called failures.
  • Imagine how a child feels upon meeting a new friend.
  • Listen carefully to children playing. As you overhear them rant and complain, make a list of their mentioned woes.
  • Glance at your “To-Do” list of chores demanding attention; then just as quickly turn away.
  • Drop all of your mind stories related to “I did this” and “He/she did that.”
  • Close your eyes and follow your breath into an inner world of wonder. Return as awareness, carrying the sense of wonder with you.
  • Remove the stain related to “life will be better when” by asking if “when” ever arrives.
  • Take off your ego’s muddy galoshes, and run bare foot.
  • Acknowledge the Divine Power that is beating your heart. Bow your head and whisper “Thank you.”
  • Pack a picnic (however meager) and dine at a new location, in the fullness of Now.
  • Look upon everyone (the young and the seeming old) as a child of the Creator. They are.
  • For sixty seconds, feel your heart’s warm unity of Oneness with All. Repeat.
  • Count your “haves,” instead of your “wants.”
  • Be with your hands as they slowly open and close. Can you feel the miracle?
  • Through awareness, Be peace, here and now. Silently say “hush” if the mind attempts to intrude.
  • Give.
  • Love.
  • Be grateful.

Through awareness, we may reignite so much joy that we once felt as children. This world–Life, Itself–need not seem like such a bothersome chore; we need not manage it, change it, or define it with our borrowed cares. Wonder, amusement, and excitement are waiting to be born into experience through Presence.

Dare to Dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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4 thoughts on “Invitation To Play

  1. Oh goodness. So much to ponder. I will reread the list and wonder which are automatic, which to think about, which, which, which. Thank you for a heaping tablespoon full of food for thought.

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