All Knowers on Deck

WEE-Oww; Wee-Oww; Wee-Oww: To the knowers, the piercing stabs of the blaring sirens was incredibly painful–eardrums threatened to rupture. Intuitively, they realized that the alarms signalled a perilous world situation of the highest magnitude. At heart level, they felt the following message: “All knowers on deck! Report to the bridge, NOW! What ensued was the sound of stampeding footfalls and near misses as knowers raced to duty. At the bridge, aka Central Control, the dial gauges reported a dire situation, indeed:

Degree of Unconsciousness: Red alert. Levels of unconsciousness and risk of threatening behaviour nearing an all-time high. Danger of increasing chaos.

Persons-Knowers Ratio: Deeply egoic. Number of frightened egos dramatically increasing as unfounded fears reach insane levels.

Degree of Forgetfulness: Almost total. State of prodigal amnesia of the masses in full swing across nations. Some awakening occurring.

Propaganda Meter: Very high. Persons with opposing views broadly censored and subjected to ridicule and unjustifiable punishment for refusing to get in step with the program.

Dream Immersion: Situation critical. The majority of persons deeply asleep. Reaching bottom may occur.


Dear Readers: To those of you who as yet do not realize that this–right now–is, indeed, a collective dream, I offer the following four passages from various books to help you knowingly re-awaken to Truth.

The first is from The Heart of Sufism, by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The second is from A Course In Miracles:

The third is from Thought Power, by Swami Sivananda:

The fourth is from The One in The Mirror, by Ramesh S. Balsekar:


With expressions that reflected the pain of the worldwide situation, the knowers looked at one another and steadied themselves within. They realized that to rise out of the darkness that is currently enveloping the world, they must maintain a Positive Vision and respond appropriately, with Love. As the number of souls re-awakening to their essential nature increased, the favourable result they desired would be more easily achieved.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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6 thoughts on “All Knowers on Deck

  1. Yes Art, we ARE all “perfectly capable of awakening”. We are indeed Awakeness itself. The “prodigal amnesia” that you speak of is evident globally. Let’s continue to BE the LOVE that we desire to see. Thank you for the high vibration of Oneness that you share with the world.


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