Oh, Jubilant Heart

Recently, I, Heart, heard several rapid-fire knocks at my door. When I opened the door, I saw Mind dressed in a loud plaid suit and holding a briefcase. Mind said that it had some information of pressing importance to share and that it would appreciate a few minutes of my time. I didn’t wish to be impolite, so I invited Mind to enter. We sat across from each other at my kitchen table.

This is your lucky day,” said Mind, as it opened its briefcase, “because I have a plan for your life; and I think–rather, I know–you would be wise to follow my advice. At FollowTheCrowdInc., we have a monthly installment plan that makes payments easy and affordable. Mind then edged a colour brochure toward me that was filled with graphs, glossy photos, and gobbledygook. “It seems to me,” said Mind, with a few judging glances, “that you need some help putting your life in order. How lucky are you that I stopped by–chuckle, chuckle, hack, hack! Perhaps you can’t see it because you’re too close to notice; but it’s obvious that you’re not living your best life possible. Here’s a few questions to get you thinking. Are your taxes in order? What about savings? Income property–do you have one? Have you considered multiple streams of income? And what about the Joneses down the street–can you not only keep up to them but also outdo them? I noticed that car of yours is looking long in the tooth–can you afford a new one? What about your children, if you have any–can you help them financially? Diapers aren’t cheap you know. Retirement, whew, now there’s a topic! How many years before you get the golden handshake? Do you have continuing benefits? Dental coverage isn’t cheap you know–you don’t want to be gumming it at the golf course. And what about funeral arrangements? Have you made them? Are you thinking burial or cremation? What about plans to travel before you’re too old and doddery? Have you got your name on a nursing home waiting list yet? And last but not least, have you filed your GYBTB-4321-Yellow Form yet? Don’t want to be late with that one! As you can see, there are so many details that must be arranged. Thoughts?” asked Mind, as it surfaced for air.

With a soft smile, I, Heart, handed the brochure back to Mind, and said, “Yes, I do. I plan to live my days as fully as possible, without carrying the burden of an illusory past or worrying about a future that never arrives. I am Life, Itself, enjoying this rare and wonderful experience. I am that I am, here and now; and that’s what matters the most. On a daily basis, I ensure that I keep my worries low and my enthusiasm high. I frequently get up early to view a sunrise and occasionally go for a walk in the rain. I make sure that I watch what I think–not a television. I eat well, enjoy a little drink now and then, and practice the golden rule with everyone I meet. I write, take pottery classes, and paint when intuition nudges me to do so. Oh, and I sing in the shower and have been known, on occasion, to skinny dip at midnight. But that’s probably a little too much information, isn’t it?

“Yes,” said Mind, gagging forth an awkward smile, “I think it is.”

And with that, I, Heart, politely showed a very glum-looking Mind to the door.


Dear Readers: Live, live, live! Oh, how I love you.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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