Being Joy

The inversion of Truth (that things and achievement are the source of our joy) has become so prevalent in society that the majority of persons are unaware that it is an utter falsity. For reasons that are highly suspect, the story related to happiness/joy has become very corrupt. On a daily basis, we are informed that this, that, or another thing will guarantee our happiness. The problem is that the heavily-advertised equation is rarely, if ever, subjected to mathematical investigation for validity. Does 2 (money) + 2 (possessions/achievements) actually = 4 (lasting happiness)? If not, working persons are unknowingly subject to a system that cannot possibly yield the freedom and joy which they seek. Many will fall into an early grave, minus a nose lost to a heartless grindstone.

By the statements above, it might be easy for readers to assume that I’m against the finer objects and experiences of life. Such is definitely not the case; although I will admit that they have never held great importance or appeal. We are informed in books about the law of attraction that abundance–in all its various forms–actually allows us to live more fully; and with this, I most certainly agree. Through abundance, we may not only help ourselves but also extend our reach and capacity to help others. Therefore, we are wise to welcome abundance–in health, wealth, and relationships; for these represent our true wealth, which is awareness of God within.

The most effective method of deliberate manifestation functions directly opposite to what we’ve been told. When we express ourselves joyously, and ensure that our talents are applied to lift humanity, our success is literally guaranteed. It is then, through the sharing of our innate joy, that the symbolic rewards of that joy expressed will manifest in our lives. Galatians 6:7 states this clearly:  Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” God, (aka Consciousness) cannot be mocked; for It is the Source of all intelligence and realizes the degree of sincerity within our intentions. When we give, we must give with our heart–purely! We must give as though we are the receiver of the gifts, because in Truth we actually are.

For many readers, a perfectly logical question may arise: “How am I supposed to give generously and express myself joyfully when I am impoverished of both?” In response, I offer the following: Can we now, if even modestly, offer sincere and humble gratitude for the goodness before us? Through the gift of my eyes, I am enabled to see the words upon this page. Through the gift of my fingers, I can type upon the keyboard. When we stop, even momentarily, and live with increased awareness, we will realize that there is always something for which we may give thanks. Likewise, through greater awareness, we realize that we can give a smile, hold open a door, or lend a hand–all of which cost nothing. These are not meaningless actions; they possess power to activate spiritual law that benefits everyone.

Just for the record (I’m sure the majority of readers realize this already), but the absolute best way of increasing our joy is by sharing it with others. Give, give, give! Give your friendly assistance; give your time and/or resources; give your smile. The good that we share immediately reveals its benefit within us. Be a joy unto others–through your service and daily interactions–and watch how the circumstances of your life change for the better.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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