Awakening To The “Now”

Awakening to the Now4

There’s a paradox related to the Law of Attraction: From the beginning of our study, we’re told that we must govern our thinking; to choose our thoughts wisely; to concentrate on what we desire to experience, not on what we don’t! The importance of being the watchful guardian of our mind is stressed repeatedly. We’re taught that positive thoughts create positive outcomes; negative thoughts, negative. Intuitively, we realize this is true, for our instincts inform us nothing good can come from entertaining negative thoughts. So, what’s the paradox?

That thinking, the very tool we use to attract the good we seek, can become a hindrance. When used correctly, thinking is undoubtedly one of our greatest gifts. Used incorrectly, however, it can be more a curse than a blessing. Not only is it important to know how to direct our thinking, but also how to get out of it! Contrary to popular belief, we needn’t have endless thoughts and opinions about every aspect of life; nor in our best interests to do so. But how do we enter the transcendent beauty of the present moment?

By directing our attention out of the mind and into a dimension apart from thinking. Eckhart Tolle, a renowned spiritual teacher and author of The Power of Now and A New Earth, advises us to leave the mind’s incessant chatter by focusing our attention into the body. A deep breath may help us enter–then anchor in–the present moment; for the breath is a potent reminder of life that’s happening right now, moment to moment. To exist in a conceptualized realm is not to live. An overactive mind, subject to thoughts that hijack our attention, may render us incapable of truly enjoying the fruits of our labours. What sense in that?

With practice, we may regain our sense of innocence and wonder, as though reborn into the world as a child. We may surrender to life as it is. By doing so, we discover that the good we sought is naturally present, closer than we previously thought. Awakened, we realize that our experiences come vibrantly alive. The difference is not related to the activities themselves, but to the degree of presence we bring to them! That sense of aliveness has been shining there all along, obscured by conceptualization.

Life happens now. Plain. Simple. Real. True. The present moment is all there is. When we think about the past, we do that now. When we think about the future, we do that now. There’s definitely a time to visualize, to dream and mentally reach beyond our current circumstance. However, there’s also a time to enjoy–fully engaged in the aliveness of experience. As always, balance is key.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

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