The Power of Patience

The Power of Patience2

There are countless books on the Law of Attraction that repeat the same formula: Ask, Believe, and Receive. We know that to ask is to know what we desire. We know that to believe is to have faith that our desires can be fulfilled. We know that to receive we must act in ways that are congruent with our desires. All of this we know. What we may not realize, however, is the power of patience. Although it may seem counter-intuitive–or even ludicrous–to link power and patience in the same sentence, the title of this article holds great truth. Think of this for a few minutes, if you will.

In our fast-paced culture–that routinely demands instant gratification–we’ve grown accustomed to wanting results fast! We want our food fast; a product fast; our travel fast. Advantages have come with this mentality, but we’ve also experienced disadvantages from expecting everything to occur today, if not yesterday. This becomes even more obvious when we examine our attitude regarding the achievement of our goals.

We have become clear about what we desire in life–the new home; our own business; better health; increased wealth;  a wonderful relationship. And with our desire in mind, we begin taking steps toward its achievement. Initially, we may be making great strides. We witness progress on a regular basis. If we’ve started a business, we may have opened a shop and attracted our first customers. If we’ve committed to being an artist, we may have improved our skill and learned how to market our art. However, a time may come when our results stall or take a downturn. It’s at this point of deliberate creation that we need to practice the power of patience. What may we do?

Realize, first, that this time is not wasted. Although trite, the old saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day still holds truth. Our business or work of art will not be completed in a day, either. To expect so is unwise, and may lead to negative thinking that works against us. However, if we maintain the view that we’re gaining every day–even if the results aren’t obvious–we’ll be given the fortitude to achieve our goal. Step by step is the way of our journey toward greatness.

Through an attitude of patience, we become a conduit to inspiration, which–if acted upon–will elevate us to the next level of accomplishment. Solutions arrive because we remain calm and expect them. If we permit impatience to dominate our spirit, however, the channel to inspired thought actually constricts. We may consequently feel distanced from the Universal Intelligence we seek. Fortunately, if we live from a point of wisdom, we realize what’s to be gained by nurturing a positive and patient attitude. Without this, we may be sabotaging the achievement of our desires.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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