Be “That” Friend


The study and deliberate application of the Law of Attraction can take us a long way–from that first faint vision of our heart’s desire to its achievement in the here and now. What was once only imagined–an intangible dream–can be made real through faith and action. A definite method exists; one practiced by wise men and women for countless years. Through this process, we may not only achieve our goals but also awaken to our essential nature.

However, anyone who has reached for a goal will likely tell us this: Along the path of achievement, there will be many unexpected twists and turns. There will be hills to climb and valleys to forge; there will be days that seem darker than the night; there will be times when our doubt is strong and our faith is weak; when we wonder why am I doing this? and why did I even start? It’s at times such as these–when the world seems braced against us, and our dreams beyond our reach–that we may consider ourselves very rich, indeed, if we can call on that friend.

Who is that friend? A soul that wishes us only good health, happiness, and fortune; an individual who wishes to take nothing, but eagerly offers what is most important–meaningful encouragement, honest opinion, and good wishes; a person who goes that extra mile in friendship, kindness, and generosity. Most of us realize the importance of having a mentor in our chosen field–someone who has bravely led the way and achieved what we desire to achieve. However, to have a friend who believes in us and our dreams is equally invaluable. What, though, if we don’t have such a friend?

All is not lost. We may still do something of great importance: We may be that person for someone else! We may give–first–what we wish to receive. We may be an honest and patient friend for an acquaintance, colleague, or so-called stranger. What goals do they desire? And how may we help them achieve them? What trials are they going through? And how–right now–may we help them surmount them? As ye sow, so shall ye reap. We may be that friend. Is it not in everyone’s best interest to be so?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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