Preemptive Strikes

Preemptive Strike

Most of us, unfortunately, will be familiar with the term preemptive strike, usually in the context of war. From Wikipedia, its basic definition is as follows: A surprise attack launched with the stated intention of countering an anticipated enemy offensive. The premise is that the first to strike will gain advantage, likely by catching the enemy off guard or unprepared.

As this relates to the Law of Attraction, a preemptive strike is not against an enemy but against ourselves and our goals! In many cases, such action reveals hidden fear or a subconscious belief in unworthiness rather than any real reason why our goals can’t be achieved! This covert operation is often habitual, a mechanism related to memories of past goals attempted without success. It works thus: Instead of allowing our goal to manifest, through intuitive guidance toward action required, we unconsciously defeat it with our negative thinking. Once again, this type of mentality offers proof that we bring about what we think about! It is destructive in nature, not constructive. This is the strike; the attack against our own aspirations.

Why, though, would our mind attack a goal that could potentially enrich our life? Because a new goal requires us to shift out of our comfort zone, and that can be a terrifying experience! In fact, many motivational speakers claim that if a goal doesn’t scare us a little that it’s probably not big enough! When the mind strikes down a goal, we may temporarily feel some relief, just to have the matter settled. However, in the quiet hours of the soul we realize what’s being sacrificed.

Regarding preemptive strikes in war, who would know the best action to be taken? This, however, is certain regarding the achievement of our goals: Unless we remain open to possibilities, we doom our dreams. The mind that’s launching preemptive strikes would have us believe that it’s being of benefit; that it’s protecting us from painful future experiences. But such a mentality negates the value of lessons learned from attempting in the first place! It’s actually sabotaging our dreams before they’ve been given a chance.

How do we counter these attacks if they occur? By recognizing them for the enemy they are! By questioning their validity and, if appropriate, refusing to accept that our goal can’t be achieved just because we don’t know the way now! Such requires patience, persistence, insight, faith, and action! The subconscious will undoubtedly attempt to convince us to be realistic; to accept that some people are lucky and some not. The truth, however, is that luck has nothing to do with it.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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2 thoughts on “Preemptive Strikes

  1. I’m dealing with this right now, trying to cancel out negative outcomes with positive images and feelings. It is indeed a battle at times.


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