Breaking The Mold

Pablo The Brickmaker5

Imagine this: Pablo The Brickmaker has a mold for bricks that is this long, this wide, and this high. He’s been using it for years. As long as he mixes the clay in the same manner, fills the mold in the same manner, and subjects the bricks to the same temperature for the same amount of time, he gets the same results. Always. His success at making bricks is founded upon the application of this knowledge. The process is as predictable as night following day, and day the night.

The point? That, likewise, the results we experience are shaped by the subconscious paradigms (or molds) that we’ve formed or acquired during the course of our life. From Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a definition of paradigm: example, pattern, especially an outstandingly clear or typical archetype. Subconscious patterns are basically a collection of beliefs that we hold to be true. Whether these beliefs are actually true is irrelevant to the subconscious mind; for it always blindly accepts the information it receives. It does this twenty-four hours a day, without rest, every day of our life. If we habitually repeat I’m an idiot, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever receive the highest marks in the class. If we habitually repeat I’m such a klutz, it’s, likewise, unlikely that we’ll become the most coordinated athlete. And we shouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves overweight if we’re habitually thinking and saying I’m so fat. The mental pattern is formed first; the physical manifestation appears afterward.

So, how do we change our results? By deliberately changing our subconscious patterns. We do this by displacing negative beliefs with positive ones; limiting with empowering.  And: It’s vitally important to affirm what we desire; not what we don’t. We must be clear with our thinking. For example: Saying I’m not overweight, is not the same as stating I’m at a perfect weight for my height. In the first case, we’re actually drawing attention to what we don’t desire to manifest; thereby making the existing pattern stronger. We must also realize that it’s not enough that we know certain knowledge; we must apply it! Until we do, the results that manifest will–according to law–remain the same. How could they not? Would that not be akin to asking a corn seed to bear a potato? Or a pea seed to yield a cabbage? Our results will change when we change our paradigms, not before. This basically means that we must think in a different way; speak in a different way; and act in a different way. A worthwhile pursuit? If doubtful, we could ask Pablo what he’d have to do to create a different brick.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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10 thoughts on “Breaking The Mold

  1. Hello Art,
    I am not sure that you would remember me, we met and talk briefly in Victor’s BC in July while you where reflecting on the seaside.

    What do you think it means when one atteact what they desire yet it is so difficult to gain it. I attracted a job I wanted in July, yet it has been so difficult to move to it, yet keep getting all those mixed signles about it happening and not happening,any thoughts?



    1. Hi Tima,

      Yes, I do remember you. You were travelling with a friend/partner from the US, right? Way to go on attracting a job! My thoughts (I have similar ones myself regarding certain aspects of life): Is it fear? Fear can be so subtle, and masquerade as practicality. We can’t move because of this or that…but a “possible” reason is that we’re actually afraid of stepping into the unknown. As I mentioned, I have certainly experienced this myself. Let me know your thoughts on this. I hope you’ll manifest a great day! Art


      1. Thank you for the prompt response. Yes I was travelling with a friend and currently travelling Europe alone for the past 2 months, another manifestation that came to reality!
        I am not one to let fear get the best of me, do doubt it’s fear!
        I was thinking more along the lines that at times what we desire and hope for is not really ment to be. This job will have lots of benifits and it comes with a great possibilities of adventures and further growth, but it also comes with the cost of being far away from everyone I love as it will be in Guam!
        It has been 3 months since I signed my contract, yet paperwork and hypocrisy are a constant obsticals in my way. I am so torn between the desire to just go and try to fix things while I am in Guam and heathing the universal sings and the uneasy feeling about going.
        Everytime, I make the decision to just go, I get sorta of red light!

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      2. Hi Tima. You’re very welcome. Congrats on your trip to Europe–sounds wonderful! That’s great that you’re not one to let fear get the better of you. Deep down, I think that only you can and will know the reasons behind some of the diffculties that you’re facing. I’m happy to be a sounding board, though. About “meant to be:” I think this can be a bigger question than many realize. If we believe in “meant to be,” it implies (at least in my opinion) that “someone” or some “force” outside of ourselves is writing the script of our life? Fate? From what you’ve written, it definitely seems that you’re weighing the “cost” of the trip (in time away from family). Could this be the fear? Not of being brave enough to go, but fearing the loss of time with those you love? It sounds as though there’s not the easy “flow” with this goal that you might desire. Is that how you’ve recognized whether a goal is worthy of the price to be paid?


      3. It’s exactly how I feel about it, the flow is not smooth at all, nothing seems be be falling in place like I have experienced in other situations, which makes me doubt!

        Excuse my ignornce, but I don’t know if fate and the law of attraction contradict each other!
        But my spirituality strongly agrees with listening to the signs of warning. Although, I do agree with you on the fact that fear of losing precious time with my loved ones play a part in my hesitation to just catch a flight and go, but the rest ( delays and obsticals) are far beyond my control!

        So what did you end up doing with your situation, did you move forwards with it, was it only fear that made you hesitate, and what was the outcome?


      4. Hi Tima. This brings up an area that perplexes me, too. Certainly it’s wonderful to feel in the flow of life, and it’s easier at those times to feel as though an experience or outcome was just “meant to be.” At other times, I know I’ve believed that I should persevere with my vision, in spite of difficulties. If obstacles continue to persist, however, it gives many of us pause to wonder if we should continue.

        Fate and the Law of Attraction wouldn’t necessarily be at odds. If a person “believed” in Fate, that, indeed, would be the way the world would seem to unfold. I, however, prefer to believe that we were given free choice, and also free will to choose what thoughts we will entertain. One point I am fairly certain of, and that relates to “death of a dream.” If we do not give our dream thought–perhaps taking a trip or finding a soul mate–I don’t believe that it will just fall into our lap. I believe that this universe is orderly, operating with definite cause and effect. In short, the Law of Attraction would say that we “bring about what we think about.” That’s just my opinion, though; and mine is no more or no less valuable than anyone else’s.

        I strongly believe in listening to our inner voice; ie, warnings or guiding nudges. In fact, that’s how I safely ride my motorcycle for such long and extended trips. I “listen” with regard to when to pull over, when to eat, drink water, detour to a different roads. Everyday I put out my intention into the universe, then listen (feel) what I should do.

        One of my personal fear issues? And what did I do? My fear issue probably revolves around loving personal relationships. I was married for twenty years, but the marriage ended in a very painful way eleven years ago. As I wish to love again, I do my best to forge ahead with positive belief (overriding some irrational thought patterns that try to flourish if given a chance). Over time, I have become much better at spotting them.

        Here’s a suggestion that may work for you. I’ve read many times that we may ask a question of our higher self just before nodding off to sleep. Perhaps you could ask for direction? “What should I do?” The answer may come in surprising ways.


      5. First, thank you for taking the time to correspond with me, your input is very helpful, I greatly appreciate it

        It’s so interesting that you mentioned asking for direction before falling a sleep, I have been doing that and my dreams have not been helpful at all, but I will continue to ask until I get a clear idea of what is the best path for me, maybe just because things are presented to us, it doesn’t mean they are ment to be! I do believe that the universe does have a wicked sense of humor!

        My understanding of fate, is that it doesn’t strip us from free will or making our own decisions. Fate is more like your road trips, choosing one direction will set you on a different path with different sceanary, you make the decision to choose the route, but eventually no matter which path you choose you always end up back home!
        To me life is a journey and as morbid as one would believe our final destination is 6 feet under, so I tend to choose the paths that makes me alive rather than just living, which is not a very traveled path.
        At least that is my simple understanding of fate or destiny!

        Speaking of destiny, I am now very terrified and sad to hear that one might have to wait at least eleven years to find true love!!! I am sure when you do it will be worth it, but 11 years without true love sounds very painfull. Was it a concious decision to do so?
        I know from my personal experience that I needed the time to heal, to regroup and grow which made me very picky on who I spend my time with and what will they add to our growth… Now years later, even tho I still desire it and Invision it, the fear of loss is my biggest blocker in making a reality.

        All in time I guess…

        I hope I haven’t distracted you too much from work or writing.


      6. Hi Tima. You’re very welcome; I think both parties can grow from this type of sharing. I think it’s great that you’re asking for answers just before you go to sleep. The answers will come, and I believe that you’ll recognize the right path for you.

        Fate is a big question. I, too, believe that there may be an overarching lesson to be learned during a lifetimes, but perhaps free will ways to arrive at it.

        As for true love, I’ve been very fortunate to have had wonderful experiences since divorce. I think it’s just important to keep the faith…toward whatever goal we have. Yes, healing can take time. Just a point: I think if we’re focusing on loss (or afraid of it, or betrayal; I have been of both) that we’re actually giving attention to what we don’t desire. The old saying may apply: Energy goes where attention goes.

        Yes, all in due time. You haven’t distracted me at all. Please let me know how you make out with your decision. Perhaps your load may be lightened if you contemplate this: Are there wrong decisions? Or just paths that lead to different experiences…all equally valid?


      7. Hello Art,
        I hope this finds you well! I red your goodbye atrical and I am sorry to hear that you no longer going to write on that subject, but I am definitely looking forwards to reading what you share next.
        I have been contemplating on your question regarding wrong decisions! In my case, I realized there is no wrong decisions, just 2 different paths! One which seems to be a garanteed income, new adventure in a different country and somewhat financial security ” going to Guam” . The other will provide more emotional satisfaction bring around my kids, will force me to start on my lifetime dream of starting a new job, and definitely it will be full of challenges to overcome.
        I have never been a materialistic kinda of a gal, I do enjoy the simple pleasures in life, I love to travel, to help, to measure my success with the amount of love and contentment I get to share and feel. Therefore I made my decision to go back to the US.
        25 years ago, I did a dramatic move and gave up all I had and who I was and moved to the US, (long story for other time if you ever curious) but the bottom line, I made a successful life from nothing. This go round, although I do not have any tangable assests, I can’t ignore the fact that I do have hope, great friends and amazing kids, it’s all one can ask for!
        So until early Nov, I will continue to enjoy my soltitude and sanctuary in Switzerland, then heading back to the US for a brand new adventure. Is it crazy that at my age 49, I will have to start all over and not an ounce in me want to go back to 8-5 work load regardless of the outcome! Did I loose it!


      8. Hi Tima,

        Thank you for your kind words about my writing. It just felt like time to take a break, but I’ll definitely publish in the future.

        About your question towards the last of your comment: “Did I loose it?” It sounds as though you already have what you value–“hope, great friends, and amazing kids!” I don’t think you’re crazy at all. You’ll know the right answer for you! I hope that all works out wonderfully!!


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