The Vegetable Garden

The Vegetable Garden

The deliberate application of the Law of Attraction is about making our dreams come true. The Law of Attraction is about discovering What–not who–we actually are. The Law of Attraction is about thinking, believing, and acting in accordance with divine laws that can–and do!–make what we habitually desire manifest in our lives. The Law of Attraction is about deepening our knowledge, aligning with power, and expressing our potential. Our success can inspire others to reach for their divine potential and, in doing so, reveal the best that is within us to give. With all of the above in mind, I’d like to offer a poem that I wrote when I was a teenager. Is it the deepest or most well-written poem you’ll ever read? No. But does contain a message that I hope will help you continue to reach for your heart’s desires? Yes.

 The Vegetable Garden
 Into the rich soil of the garden
 Three seeds were sown
 And two weeks later
 Two sprouts had grown.
 The first seed, a pea, was growing fast,
 To soak up the sun, the rain, and be eaten at last.
 The second, a carrot, had sprouted a top,
 And kept on growing until frost made it stop;
 But the third, a potato, was
 Afraid to get burned,
 Afraid to get wet,
 Afraid to grow up,
 Afraid to pass on,
 And as nature took its course,
 The potato, whether willing or not,
 Lay safe in the earth but starting to rot.
 - R. Arthur Russell - 

Everyone of us has vast untapped potential. It is our birthright, for it’s what we are. That potential is not there by accident–there are no accidents. That we exist proves that we have purpose. A clue to discovering that greatness within us is to examine what we love to do. To what dream–not “idle wish” (borrowed from “As A Man Thinketh,” by James Allen) would you devote uncounted hours lost in glorious amazement of Divine creation? What makes your heart thrill, your body electrify, your Being sing with delight? Find that answer, and when you do embrace it tightly. Hold it for dear life. Be not afraid to shout, “This is my dream!” Trust. Give of yourself. Believe that the achievement of your dream is not only possible, but already accomplished, and watch it manifest through continued faith and action.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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