Place Your Reservation

Place Your Reservation

Imagine with me, if you will, that you walk into a fast food restaurant and approach the woman behind the counter. You look her in the eye and innocently say, “Yes, my last name is Smith and I have a reservation for two, at seven thirty. My friend and I would like a table with a view.”  What type of response do you think you would receive? Imagine with me, also, that you visit the beautiful state of Utah. However, instead of appreciating the beauty of it’s amazing vistas and rock formations, that you’re disappointed because you can’t reserve a hotel room with a view of the Pacific! And–you’re probably asking yourself–the point of this?

The point relates to an axiom of the Principle of Correspondence in the Kybalion, a book of ancient wisdom. It states: As Above, so Below; As Below, so Above. Meaning? It means that there is correspondence–or correlation–among the planes of being and life. The three planes– The Physical, Mental, and Spiritual–are not actual planes but arbitrary divisions or degrees in the scale of life. Such divisions are not hard and fast but shade in and out of one another. The Principle of Correspondence is important to understand, for with it, we can–and will–manifest more effectively.

What does this mean, practically? It means that to manifest more effectively we must align ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. In the spiritual: We must habitually be whatever we desire. In the mental: we must habitually think of what we desire. In the physical, we must habitually act in ways that reflect what we desire. The three states must align–or correspond–before we’ll experience the manifestation.

Using the analogy of the reservations from the first paragraph, that means that we cannot manifest prosperity by being, thinking, and acting poor. That means that we cannot enjoy health by being, thinking, and acting sick. That means that we cannot enjoy success by being, thinking, and acting failure. To be, think, and act in ways that contradict what we desire–does not make sense; in the same way that seeking a view of the Pacific from Utah does not make sense. You just can’t get that from there.

So, what do we desire? Is it great health, increased wealth, wonderful relationships, or more success? If so, it’s time to place our reservations. How to you do this? Through the powers of our imagination–first. Be it, think it, act it! We must imagine what we desire, and concentrate with patient and detached persistence. By doing so, we’re placing our reservation with the Universe. After that, we have only to remain strong in our faith, and then act upon our intuitive nudges. Law will bring what we desire.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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