The Echo of “I Am”

In wisdom teachings about our higher nature, which is identical in quality and nature to God’s (but differing in degree), an analogy is sometimes used of the sun shining as a reflection in water-filled pails. The sun, which is self-luminous and requires nothing else by which to shine, refers to Consciousness (also known by various Holy names); and the water and the pails refers to us, the body-minds or persons. In the analogy, the unaware person assumes there is an individual sun in each pot; of course, we realize that this isn’t the case. The analogy is intended to help us realize that each of us (water-filled pails) is not a source of consciousness unto our self. We shine (or know) by the light of the One-and-Only True Sun, Consciousness.

Another analogy came to me this morning. Imagine the following, if you will: In the beginning: Consciousness, All That Is. Eternally and silently, It thinks, hums, and knows “I AM.” Through its creative faculties, It creates all that apparently is, including us. In our mind, we hear the echo ofI Am“–The Creator that logically would have to be within each and every one of Its creations. The confusion arises when we assume that the echo is generated by–and belongs to–our little “i” that walks this earth. Consciousness is not personal; It is Universal. In John 10:30, this same message is related by Jesus: “I and my Father are one.” Through innocent ignorance, the majority of humans believe they are limited to name and form that is born and will surely die. This erroneous belief leads to tremendous suffering.

In case this seems like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo, please know that scientists have been unable to identify biological processes that lead to a supposedly personal sense of “i” within the human being. They never will. Why? Because the Consciousness which creates, and with which experience is known, isn’t personal. In other words, it doesn’t belong to the body-mind. The story of the little “i” that most persons believe themselves to be is known through One Consciousness, the only One there Is. A quote from Joel Goldsmith, who was a noted spiritual teacher, beautifully relates this Truth: “Take off your shoes in the presence of the word ‘I’ because you are speaking the holy name of God.” Logically, we can, therefore, conclude the True Identity of every other “i” with whom we interact, whether he or she realizes it or not.

There are tremendous benefits that arise through understanding the nature of our True Self; not the least of which is fearlessness regarding death. When we know that the true “I” within us–that “is” us–does not die; we realize there is nothing to fear. With this understanding, we can live–fully–here and now. The only self that dies is the fictional little “i” of name and form, which is rendered by the mind. The Real “I” is all that is, eternally; and we are aspects of That.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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