Take Me “Home”

This article was inspired by the song entitled Take Me Home, Country Roads, by the late John Denver. As many of will realize, the lyrics relate memories and feelings of a man who is longing for his home of West Virginia, USA. I’m using the theme of the song to share a way to help seekers recognize true Self, which in my opinion is our Holy Home. This Home–which all of us intuitively know–is described in a short passage from The Inner Life, by Hazrat Inayat Khan, who was a Sufi mystic:

The real home of man is the Spirit of God, and elsewhere he will never be satisfied.”

In my book entitled This Taste of Flesh and Bones, I share the following information as one of the primary means that helps to keep me anchored in the perspective of Truth. When we understand how eyesight functions, we realize that Consciousness is actually Universal, even though it feels separate and individual. Here’s the passage from my book, which is available at Amazon:

The easiest method that I’ve discovered to see the truth pertaining to the symbols we mistake for reality is to remind myself how eyesight functions. Eyesight is almost always taken for granted, which means that we are not practicing discernment! When a person opens his/her eyelids, photons of light enter the eyes and travel through the cornea and then the pupil. Light then hits the lens, which focuses the light rays on the retina (a light-sensitive nerve layer) and gives rise to an inverted image. The optic nerve then carries signals of light to the visual cortex area of the brain where the signals are cross-referenced at lightning speed and assembled into images projected right side up. Thus, we are informed of what is seen. The coffee cup that we believe is on the table positioned in the center of the floor is a three-dimensional representation formed in the dark space within the brain. All of the objects—the coffee cup, the table, and the floor—only appear to be outside.

This method of staying centered in the perspective of “home” reminds me of what we’re truly seeing when we view the apparent world. It’s reinforced by a passage from Hebrews 11:3: “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” As challenging as this may be to accept, everything that we see (including our body-mind) is representational…ONLY. There is no way to interact with the reality as it actually is because it is always mediated by the mind and perception. Rupert Spira (a renowned spiritual teacher of non duality) likens this to a skier who is searching for white snow while wearing orange-tinted sunglasses. Our senses are the sunglasses.

The message that I’m sharing in this article reflects the perspective of idealism; and it is at complete odds with realism, which has conditioned us to believe that we live in a world made of stuff called “matter.” Please contemplate the fact that scientists cannot find the smallest units of matter; they’re well aware that atoms, which were once considered the building blocks of the so-called “material world,” are actually 99.999% empty space. This, my dear friends, is why remembering how eyesight functions truly helps to Take Me Home. Perhaps it will help to do the same for you. We are Spirit–here and now. It’s impossible not to be.

Dare to Dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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5 thoughts on “Take Me “Home”

  1. Incidentally, I’m reminded of just one line from “Stairway To Heaven”. (Led Zep)

    “And my spirit is crying for leaving…..”

    I think you could append this to “Country Roads”!


  2. YES!! We are definately spirits here and now! Despite that time and space do not exist, our ONLY existence is as spirit, divine sparks of the ONE.
    Thank you for all of the teaching you provide through your articles. You truly inspire.


    1. It’s the longing that matters perhaps, without which we all have our mundane existence on this planet.
      As Brecht has said ” And then one day, the time allotted for him/her on earth would be over”!


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