Bad Things Come in Fours

I’m sharing this article as my civic duty, to inform those persons who may be unaware of a change in a law of the universe. When it changed, or how it changed, I know not. I only know that it has changed. Although we were once subject to the law that Bad Things Come in Three, we must now accept the indisputable fact that Bad Things Come in Four! Perhaps we can blame the change on cosmic inflation or an ever-expanding universe. It only makes sense. It’s clearly evident that expansion is at play! In twenty years, it’s most likely that bad things will come in five! The cause truly doesn’t matter; only that we that we’re aware of the change.

Why is this so important? Because we wish to live an orderly life, one in which we’re aware of the facts and live by them. To stumble about, ignorant of the laws of the universe, would not only be silly but potentially dangerous! We want to be educated and clear-thinking individuals.

If you’re curious about the time frame under which these bad things must occur, the formal rules are nebulous, at best. This part of the law has never been clearly defined. The period could be twenty-four hours to the minute; loosely based around a period of several days; or even stretch to a week or more. The main point is that the bad things must truly be bad (think severed limbs, overflowing toilets, flat tires on freeways, and–now 4th–neighbours from hell). If no such bad things are available to count, it’s permissible to include matters that might otherwise be viewed as trifling (think smucked in the face with a cream pie). Again, no hard and fast rules exist; discretion is required.

Disbelievers in this law should be cautioned to proceed at their own peril: for the law is operating whether they accept it as fact or not. The situation becomes quite dire; for by and large, the masses are unaware of the change. So many unsuspecting people may be going to bed at night, thinking that all is well and fine (having counted their bad things up to three), only to later learn that the fourth bad thing was left uncounted! What tragic fate may befall those people who are ignorant of the law? We may all do our part by advising two friends–who tell two friends.

So, at least the readers of this article are safe, for now you know the truth: Bad Things Come in Four! Please read it, know it, and commit it to memory. When looking for the bad things it’s imperative to know precisely how many bad things to expect. It’s all about being educated and aware. Realize, too, that if there’s a shortage of bad things in our immediate vicinity, we may lift our gaze and focus upon the horizon until some bad things show up there! Invariably they will, and we may include them in the count and rest easy.

And now, we arrive at the serious part of this tongue-in-cheek article. It lies in part of the verse from Mathew 7:7: “Seek and ye shall find.” What does it mean? It basically means that people find what they’re expecting to find. For those bent on finding the bad—be that in threes, fours, or fives–they shall aim their attention toward that intention, and such will, for them, become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m pleased to report, however, that the opposite is true. There’s a lesser-known saying, one of which many people are unaware: Good things come in innumerable quantities! By seeking the good, and being grateful for the goodness that surrounds us, we discover even more! The change occurs within us, not the so-called external world.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “Bad Things Come in Fours

  1. Thanks for this tongue in cheek post!! Yes, we do seek and find that which we seek, be they good or otherwise.


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