One Without a Second

If you are still one of the vast majority who believes that you’re a little self born of flesh and bones, you may benefit from reading this article; making sure to give it ample consideration and contemplation. Why? Because all of us–no matter how spiritual–realize that the body-mind (aka person) comes with an expiry date. This may not seem important now, but someday it most certainly will. The heart of this article revolves around an assumption that by and large goes unquestioned: Am I truly who I think I am?

Our ego would have no part of an article like this; for it believes that it’s in competition with–and distinct from–all of those other selves. It views the world from the perspective of separation, not unity. It sees humans of different colours, forms, and shapes–and conceptualizes them as different from itself. This is no wonder; for we’ve been conditioned to believe this since infancy. As we see ourselves, so we see the world. When we identify with this view of the world, our little “self” (insert your name here) judges everyone as a potential friend or foe; or worse, as something that can be used for its own gain. The ego believes that it must fight for its right to survive; and that means defending itself at all cost. When this perspective dominates the collective consciousness, humans go to war…in the name of peace.

The good news is that we can know (recognize) the Truth of your Being without intensive study; neither does such require that we attend a church, a synagogue, a temple, or a mosque on a regular basis (although doing so may prove beneficial). The Truth of our Being cannot be realized by the mind; for the Truth is beyond the mind. As Sadguru so wisely stated: “Truth cannot be interpreted; it can only be experienced.” To realize our authentic Self all that is required is that we withdraw from the sense world on a regular basis, by stilling the body and the mind. There, in the gap between two thoughts, we may glimpse the still PresenceTHAT–which is the Truth of our Being.

This Oneness to which I refer, can–and will–give us anything that we desire: health, wealth, and success beyond measure; but It asks–nay, demands–that to receive such favours, we must pay a price in return: We must surrender our erroneous belief of being a separate self. Why? Because as long as we’re filled with what’s false (the ego), we have no room to be filled with the Truth of our Being. Any associated pain or loss that we may feel when we contemplate surrendering our self may be lessened when we realize that what we’ve called “me” has no actual existence apart from the mind. It is wholly a conceptual self. A verse from Mark 2:22 can add to our clarity: “And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles.” That new wine is found when we recognize (to know again) our true Self.

So what do we gain when we surrender our false self? We gain recognition of THAT, which is our true birthright. When we give up the false self, which has been ruling our life, we gain life eternal in the form of the one-and-only Self. We gain the ability to live from the perspective of Holy Oneness that knows sameness, despite our apparent differences. At the core of our being, we feel Unity, Peace, and Transcendental Love for everyone…everywhere. Nameless, formless, limitless, irreducible, immortal, eternal–we are That, Consciousness. I call THAT God. To my knowledge, Rupert Spira offers the best definition of Consciousness: “That with which all experience is known, in which all experience appears, and out of which all experience is made.” Contrary to popular misconception, the True “You” is neither personal nor mortal. You are like in nature and quality to That which gives birth to universes and human hearts with equal ease. To learn more about your true origin, I offer my own book entitled “This Taste of Flesh and Bones.”

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “One Without a Second

  1. Thanks Art!!
    Very inciteful article. Yes, each and every one of us is That. Let us pray for a collective consciousness that will bring all human beings to a deeper understanding of their true selves.


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