Let Your Kite Soar

Although times change, the theme of life remains more or less consistent. It challenges us to grow. The world is currently going through some very challenging times. All of us are well aware, both personally and collectively, of their nature. We also realize the importance of focusing on solutions, as opposed to problems; for what we focus upon expands in our life. We know that by sowing STRENGTH, COURAGE and FAITH in our daily life, we will ultimately harvest results that reflect those positive attributes.

This short article is intended to offer a spark that may help ignite your hope, your passion, and your trust that all will be okay–no matter what happens. With that in mind, I offer a short poem I wrote in my thirties:

Flying Kites

Once upon a grey September day,

I strolled into a park in which

A young boy was flying his kite–

So high I thought he’d surely run out of string.

Time swept me away as I watched him.

With muscles taut, and arms pumping,

He skillfully weaved his kite across the sky,

Slicing it through clouds that fell apart in its wake.

The wind was gusting like an angry billow,

But this young boy, undaunted,

Let his kite fly higher, and higher still.

He was fearless!

He reminded me

Of my lost, kite-flying days

When I’d tried to fly my kite

And failed.

My kite always seemed to catch the trees

Or slam headfirst into the ground.

When dusk was falling,

I walked to this young, gifted pilot

As he was reeling in his kite.

When I looked more closely

I could see that his kite was different

Than the kite I’d crashed so many times.

His kite was homemade, shaped somewhat like a box,

With parts that had been taped and glued and mended.

I asked the boy his name and age

And complimented him on his kite and his skill.

“Ah, heck,” replied this boy of nine,

“My kites wouldn’t fly at all last year.

I crashed six of my favourites,

But I just dragged them home,

Fixed them,

And tried again.”

We talked awhile longer,

But when we departed to go our separate ways,

I took his lesson with me.

– R. Arthur Russell –


Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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