A Calling To Be True

There was a time when Suzanne, now forty-nine, had conned herself so well that she forgot she was faking her life. She delivered her various roles–of daughter, lover, wife, mother, and business woman–with believability and ease, without so much as a nervous twitch or a blink of an eye that would have belied her actions. No one would have guessed that she was acting upon stages which left her feeling empty inside. Still, she persisted; for she was not a quitter. Theater critics, had they been called to review her performances, would have proclaimed her “actress extraordinaire.” But now on this, her birthday, the ache of her acting days felt too heavy to bear. She fell asleep after dutifully eating a piece of cake for which she had no appetite. She’d even offered a lifeless smile and blown out the candles–the act which seemed to symbolize the better part of her life now extinguished. In dream that night, she heard the following words as clearly as though they were spoken in daylight. The words seemed of God but were delivered tenderly in a voice that she intuitively recognized as her own:

"Stop Suzanne; please stop fooling yourself and those who love you. By playing roles that are not true to your heart, you're not only sacrificing years and yourself but also depriving your family and the world of your gifts. How will anyone ever know the real you if you keep acting? You're a talented artist; you know it and so do I. Form, shape, colour, tone, texture, composition, and canvass make your heart sing. When was the last time you picked up a brush and painted for the joy of it? How long will you wait until you say, "This time is for me?" Are years standing still for you? What time would be better than now to express your talent?"

"What should I do? How to I begin?" asked Suzanne.

"You know as well as I. All that's lacking is action. Begin, now. Take that first step." And with those words, the voice faded to the void out of which it had arisen. Suzanne's dream was over.

When Suzanne wakened in the morning, she felt pleasantly renewed. A weight had been lifted from her Being. After she washed and prepared for the coming day, she realized that she had reached a fork in the road. The choice was hers–as it always had been: She could keep to the left and continue to yield to more of the same old tired ways; or she could respond to the call of her heart and turn right, inhale a deep breath of courage, and take one step at a time in the direction of her dreams.


Dear Readers: This life is your opportunity to be true to your heart. You are not here by accident; for nothing in this universe occurs by chance. Your talents in hiding are calling to be expressed. What gifts do you desire to share with the world? Although you may have sacrificed the truth of your heart in the past, you needn’t continue to lie to your future. This is your day, your life. There’s still time to follow your dreams and blaze a new trail.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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