Fabrics Of Reality

The sign above the small shop midway down the cobblestone alley read “Fabrics of Reality.” When Franco opened the door, an old-fashioned brass bell above the door tinkled his arrival. May I help you?” asked a pleasant-looking woman standing behind the counter.

“Yes,” said Franco with a smile, “I have an appointment for a reality consultation with Jason Esoteric.”

She scanned the schedule atop the counter. “Certainly, walk this way.” She led Franco to a small glass-walled office in the back corner of the shop. A middle-aged slim man stood upon their arrival and prompted Franco to sit in a chair in front of his desk. “What can I do for you today?” asked Jason.

“Well,” said Franco, “I’m redecorating my life, and I wanted your advice about reality fabrics.”

“I see,” said Jason. “Well, it really boils down to two choices.”

“What are they?”

“The first fabric is based on the outdated paradigm of matter, which is the way that the majority of people interpret reality. They believe that it’s hard, fixed, and objective. They assume it’s independent of the observer. Science disproved this interpretation more than a hundred years ago, partly due to the stunning revelations of the double-slit experiment; but most persons still believe in it. If we were comparing this reality fabric to linen, you might say that its thread count is 200 or below, which is much coarser vibration. People who choose this fabric, which is relative, mistakenly believe that it’s absolute. They also believe their body-mind is an object in space-time. Such grossly limits their opportunities and the ways in which they can decorate their life.”


“It’s more common, therefore cheaper; but it requires a lot more effort to maintain. In the long run, it can cost you all of your dreams! I’ll be straight up–it’s an inferior product. We don’t even keep swatches of it in stock anymore.”

“Yes, it certainly doesn’t seem appealing,” said Franco. “What can you tell me about my second choice?”

“The second choice is our premium fabric,” said Jason, leaning forward with enthusiasm. “It’s based on Consciousness only; and it’s got a reality thread count of well over 1000, which is a much higher vibration. It’s preferred by Beings who aren’t satisfied with the status quo and desire to fulfill their dreams. Because they’ve investigated their essential nature and know that Consciousness is all that there is, they realize that reality is pliable, based upon belief, and subjective. They also know that their essential nature is Spirit and that the body-mind is actually an experience, not an object. They live by one of the affirmations of Napoleon Hill, who was the author of Think and Grow Rich: “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

“Any downside to it?”

“Just one,” said Jason. “You’re going to be laughed at by the masses that prefer the common thread count; but at the end of the day, it’s your reality you’re building–not theirs.”


“Just the cost of investing in you and your dreams.”

“Sold!” exclaimed Franco. When can we start?”

“Today,” said Jason, “don’t waste another minute! When you get home, find a quiet location and contemplate what you really desire. Dream big–without limits. This fabric works great in every aspect of your life–health, wealth, and relationships! You’ll know that you’ve hit pay dirt when you get excited by the idea of your dream coming true. It’s important that you believe that such is possible. Feel the truth of your dream reality. Write your goal in the present tense on an affirmation card and refer to it several times each day. It’s also important to visualize your desire from the end result, as though it were already achieved. And last, take step-by-step action upon intuitive nudges and accept your dream reality as it manifests.”

A few minutes later, the door bell tinkled as Franco departed. He was on his way to living his dreams!

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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