Behind The Eight Ball

The expression that serves as the title of this article implies that someone is at a disadvantage for whatever reason. Persons might be considered to be “behind the eight ball” if they were in a Catch22 situation, faced with a puzzling life conundrum, or uncertain of how to proceed. This type of situation is made even worse when persons don’t realize they’re behind the eight ball. In other words, they’re unaware that they’re unaware. The majority of indivuals don’t realize that they are–right now–in such a position. I know that I definitely fit into that category.

So, Mr. Russell, just what do you mean? The answer is simple, but not easy to comprehend. If you believe–as did I–that you are a person, you are behind the eight ball. Period. Have you settled down yet? Spilled your coffee? Called 911 and ordered me a straight jacket (medium, please)? Scrolled to someone else’s article? Pressed delete and cursed because it didn’t work? Stopped guffawing? The point, dear folks, is that I’m being one-hundred percent serious. No joke.

The majority of persons on this planet are unaware that they are Spirit having a “human” experience. They may have heard or read of such a “tale” (and most likely laughed it off); but the Truth of that statement has probably escaped them–so strong is Maya (loosely defined as “illusion” in Sanskrit). Such is easy to understand. From the time of our apparent birth, we are taught that we are name and form. That’s the way that we process this “world” because those who raised us had been conditioned to believe the same of themselves. In other words, they knew no better. They, too, had fallen deep into the illusion that we call “life on earth.

The Truth is that “reality” as persons know it, is occurring in the Waking State. It’s somewhat akin to the nighttime Dream State, only with a continuing plot set in high-definition 3-D. Everything is created by mind. To arrive at this knowing of Truth (and thereby step out from behind the eight ball), it’s necessary to get still, meditate, and place your attention inward, to the One-and-Only Knower of experience, Universal Consciousness. Until you do, you will remain behind the eight ball and assume that the knower will someday be found within the “person.” This is usually imagined as a point of knowing either in the head or the chest. Modern science has been unable to find the seat of consciousness within the human body-mind, and for good reason. It’s not there! Our body-minds are placed in apparent motion through forces of Infinite Living Mind. As much as it seems to be the case, they do not move by their own power; nor are they sentient. Consiousness definitely seems personal, but that’s just part of the illusion. Body-minds exist in Consciousness only–that wispy-like dream “material” in which space, time, and your life story occurs. (This is referred to in the following highlighted readings from: Open Secret by Wei Wu Wei; Who Am I? by Sri Ramana Maharshi; and I Am That, Sri Nisargadatta Maharah):

The good news is that you actually do exist–but not as a person. The definition of “You,” if you’re earnestly seeking it, would more appropriately be called Being + Knowing, which = Awareness. For the record, That is of the same nature as our Creator, God (aka Consciousness). Consciousness dreams worlds into being and we, the human contingent, are part of that creation. From the perspective of true Self, we have dominion over the illusion (because we can think and imagine); but such is not the case from the human perspective. This is why the following is stated in Matthew 6:33: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Its purpose is to get us out from behind the eight ball. Huhh–more rumors about a straight jacket?! On second thought, make it a large; it will leave me wiggle room.

Dare to Dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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