Whispers of “I Am”

Joe Burton’s awakening to true Self came suddenly, as did Eckhart Tolle’s at the age of twenty-nine. One day, while he was sitting upon a bench at a local park, he heard The Voice silently state the following words:


Come back,” whispered The Voice, “you’ve strayed too far. Given the programming that bombards you in the earthly realm, your ignorance of true Self is understandable; but when you remain asleep to your essential nature, you suffer such a steep price. When you’re searching for Truth, trust neither the appearance of things nor the egoic voice that blares its bombastic messages of self interest. Neither are YOU. Turn back; come home. I Am patiently awaiting your return.

“You see, dear child, you have been dreaming; but you’ve been unaware that such is the case. Contrary to what you’ve been conditioned to believe, it is impossible to actually be the body-mind. Although you and My world appear physical, they are purely mental. You and your circumstances are a projection of mind. When you arise in the morning, you assume that you walk, talk, and perform actions autonomously; but this is due to the power of Maya (illusion). In Truth, it is only through I that you live and move and have your being.

That which is your true Self is changeless and eternal. The same cannot be stated of your body or mind, for they are ever changeful. If you contemplate the subject even briefly, you will understand that you cannot possibly be the same person you believed yourself to be at five, twenty-five, or fifty? Has not your personality and body changed dramatically through time? It is only here, as the gloriously abundant Here and Now of I Am That I Am, that you are stable; all else is a fleeting and unstable fabrication of the mind.

“When you are knowingly unaware of your true nature, you believe yourself to be the name and form that appears before you, as you. When you awaken to true Self, you realize you are I Am and, thus, knowingly become the Christ. You realize, as did Jesus, that the Father and I are One. Expressed in your modern-day language, you realize that everything, including your body-mind, is created via, and known by, Consciousness. You might also call It the Unified Field of Being. Be not caught up in the meaning of the words. What is important is this: In the begining there was only One; logically, therefore, all that descends from One must be of Oneness. How could it ever be other? In Truth, there is no other. My nature is your nature; your nature is mine. We are One, and we are eternal. As I am the Alpha and Omega of all that ever was, is, and will be, so, therefore, are you.”


Have you, dear readers, had enough of existing in the shadow land of your true nature? Do you have an intuitive feeling that there is so much more to YOU? If so, you might begin earnest investigation by asking “Who Am I–really?”

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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