Big Dreams


Robert Collier, the successful twentieth-century New Thought author of such books as The Secret of the Ages and Riches Within Your Reach once wrote: “Big things are only little things put together.” Now, to some people this notion may seem so simple as to be ludicrous, but there is a magic behind the statement.

That short passage is from his famous book The Secret of the Ages. The insight contained in the passage came to him one day when he was watching a sixteen-storey building being constructed. He states that one morning as he stood watching the construction he heard the shrill sound of a whistle and watched as a derrick lowered a platform from great height. When it reached the ground, a workman fastened a chain around the center of a steel beam. The whistle sounded again, and Robert watched as the girder rose to great height where other workers finally fastened it into place with bolts, adding to the structure.

This simple point can be used toward our goals, which may seem impossibly big and challenging when pictured in totality. But that’s not how great structures–or great goals–are accomplished. They are accomplished one step at a time; the way that one steel beam at a time added to the tall building that Robert described. The people who accomplish such great feats do so with intense passion accompanied by unwavering focus. These people also exhibit great patience–but not the type that leads to procrastination. They realize that everything will happen in the right fashion in the right time. Doubt–if ever it should knock at the door to their conscious mind–is quickly banished, replaced by a positive focus that will enable a project to move forward. These great men and women realize that the mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master! They do not let their mind run them; they run it!

As you’re contemplating your goal it, take a look at the proof of this type of thinking around us. There are many great accomplishments that are happening in our world…now! Think nano technology; think exploration of space; think computer technology. History is also full of great examples: think Great Wall of China; think Ford; think Marconi; think Wright Brothers; think Bell. What might have seemed easy–from our observer positon–took PATIENCE, DEDICATION, WILL. Big things were just little things put together. What one beam might you add–today–to the goal you’re building? If you know it, do it now.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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