Through The Times

Times change; they surely do. In fact, change is paradoxically one of the constants in this changeful realm. On a daily basis, all of us witness the perpetual changing–minute to hour; morning to evening, and year to yesteryear. We know with absolute certainty that’s what fashionable today–in science, medicine, politics, and society–will surely go out of style. It’s just the way of expression here.

When I was a teenager, I once wrote a poem about the subject of time. Possessed of a curious nature, as I am still, I expressed that I didn’t want to know what made the clock tick; I wanted to know what made the tick tick. I suppose that even then I was searching for meaning in this clockwork mechanism in which we find ourselves wound up and seemingly enmeshed.

Initially, we may be somewhat unaware of the flow of the time’s river; for we, as the case with the majority of beings identified with a personal point of view, are seemingly being swept along in the river. From that viewpoint, our attention is most often focused on objects of fancy along the riverbanks. One year, such may be a goal to achieve business success; the next year, a romantic relationship; and the following year, plans to travel the world. Change, change, change.

To the best of my knowledge and understanding, there is only one thing (not a thing) that holds eternal value. The knowing of it, at least to me, is what makes the tick tick. Through all of the changing times and seasons of our lives, I believe the only tick that gives meaning to our lives is this: to share, express, and exemplify the qualities of That; the timeless, eternal dimension of our True Self. If we must define such with a word, that word would be LOVE.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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