The Intersection of All That Is

Everyone with even a slight interest in the subject of spirituality will have heard our essential nature described as being here and now. Another term for That which is indefinable is Being. Much to our amazement, spiritual teachers inform us that all that truly exists–despite the finite mind’s adamant protest of “I have a past and a future!”–is here…now. To this transcendent intersection, I dedicate this article.

If we believe (as the majority of persons do) that the totality of our identity when we apparently awaken in the morning is our wonderful human body and mind, we have not yet knowingly recognized the hidden glory that is forever present at the Intersection of our Being. This is the dimensionless crossroads that is the alpha and omega of everything that is, was, and will be. I call it God. In truth, any word used to describe “It” will always fall short; for words are only representations for that to which they refer. Due to the limitations of our human mind, we cannot truthfully describe the Holiest of Holy. No matter how many times we utter the word “water,” the definition of it will never quench our thirst. The good news is that we are–already–an aspect of that Sacred Intersection which cannot be pointed to on a map or located physically.

What’s actually occurring at the intersection of here and now? The answer to that question involves the most mysterious paradox. Here and now, the Infinite Source of our Being is expressing Itself in, through, and as the finite forms of everyone and everything. Without The Infinite, our human body-minds could not apparently exist; and without us, Infinite Source would not have agents of consciousness through which to express Its works. This is the intersection–where the finite meets Infinite–to which this article refers. The following is unbeknownst to the majority: Wherever we are, we are treading upon Holy ground. We’ve long been told that our bodies are temples of a Living God; and those who’ve shared this truth weren’t kidding.

How do we locate this placeless intersection? That, in itself, requires deeper inquiry; for the intersection of our essential nature cannot be discovered in or through a physical or mental process. We’re informed of this through Luke 17:21: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” This is another way of telling us that if we search for the glorious intersection of our Being through the senses…we seek in vain. All is not lost, however; for we are also told the following, in Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God.” The message can be informally expressed as this: relax, sit a spell, take a stroll in nature, meditate. The deeper dimension of our being can easily be discovered when we slow down and stop all of our doing–at least temporarily–and just be. There, in the gap between our thoughts, we may realize our true identity–AWARENESS. It shines self luminous like the sun.

What can be gained by discovering this intersection? A lot, not the least of which is the end of suffering. Suffering in all of its forms–either physical or mental–belongs to the false “i” that has been robbing our life of the natural joy that is our birthright. The false self with whom most people “i”-dentity is a conceptual self rendered by mind; our True Self is prior to mind. When we experientially arrive at the intersection of all that is, we realize a dimension of ourselves that is almost always overshadowed by our false self–the little guy or gal with all the problems. Through discovery of the Self which is the true Being of all selves, we realize that all of our fears and concerns do not belong to us. Why? Because we never were that false self; such only appeared to be the case.

When we discover the intersection of all that is, we can clearly see the insanity of attempting to live solely for the sake of pleasing the little “i.” The ego will never be satisfied. Through clear discernment into our essential nature, we can align with our true purpose–which is spirit based–and bring forth the ideals that we were intended to express for the good of all. To do so is to live abundantly and joyfully. And that’s what makes discovering the intersection of all that is so worthwhile.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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