Takes One to Know One

The expression that serves as the title of this article is well known; but I wonder if persons realize the great truth that lies beneath its words. On a basic level, most of us understand that the saying means that to truly know something–perhaps what it’s like to work as a paramedic, be a mother or a father, or live homeless–we must walk that experience. Anything less than that means that we are speculating and, quite literally, don’t know what we’re talking about.

With regard to awakening to the Truth of our Being, it “takes one to know one” is absolutely true. How else but to experience Oneness can we possibly know it? Books on the subject that are worth their price make this very clear; as do any teachers that have realized Self. A belief is not the same as knowing; for beliefs are rife with hidden passageways that lead away from Truth, not toward. With regard to enlightenment, we must not mistake the map for the territory it describes. The territory of our Being cannot be reached through pointers or descriptions; nor through assumptions, which have absolutely nothing to do with Ultimate Reality. All teachings are merely pointers to the way.

How, though, do we begin this journey which takes us nowhere beyond where we are here and now? I know of no greater way than to enter the cave of stillness; for in presence–with the mind and all its personal stories in abeyance–we have opportunity to become aware of the Light that shines from within. Our search is over when we knowingly discover That–indefinable, immortal, irreducible Awareness.

The journey toward knowing the Truth of “Takes One to know One” is a journey that we must make alone. To arrive at That (which is the Alpha and Omega Source of All that ever was, is, or shall be), we are not allowed to take our opinions or beliefs; nor can we follow someone else’s map, complete with directions describing when to turn left or right. By Grace we will return to that placeless place which, in Truth, we never left. For those beings who are ready, this seeming paradox will not be confusing in the least.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With warm regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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