Behind The Veil

I’m sure that many of you have heard of the somewhat mystical veil that is referred to in spiritual teachings. Although I’ve had a keen interest in psychology and human development for many years, I’ll admit that I did not give the subject of the veil any attention until relatively recently. The veil seemed to refer to an ephemeral barrier that hides something from plain view. Little did I realize, but “That” which is imperceivable via our senses is the Truth of our Being. The veil apparently hides this fact.

The veil is actually that placeless juncture that separates the True You, which is Spirit, from the apparent you of name and form. All that has ever been known, is known, and could be known–now and forever–is known by the One behind the veil of all our human drama. Although words cannot define It, we may describe It as omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Paradoxically, It is nowhere to be found, yet everywhere. We often refer to It by many reverent names; but It is also referred to as Consciousness, the Unified Field, and by the more informal term, “I,” by which each of us refers to ourselves many times every day. We apparently exist because It exists. It is the Alpha and the Omega of our Being.

If you’re interested in recognizing That which is behind the veil, such means that you’re curious about recognizing true Self. In Truth, the nature of your seemingly personal self is the same in kind and quality (differing in degree) as That which births distant galaxies and grains of sand with equal ease. Nowhere may we turn and find a place that does not bear It’s powerful footprint. It is my very breath and That which is beating my heart…now…now…now. It is raw unadulterated Glory, and to Know It is to be Love. It is the True You and I, in which each of our false little “i’s” have their apparent existence.

How can That which is everything–and yet nothing–be ignored by the majority of the world’s population? One simple reason: To the majority of human beings, this apparent earthly life consists only of that which relates to the body, the mind, and the world–namely, objects. Little thought, and virtually no investigation, is given to the nature of the Silent Witness, the subject, that is the Knower and Creator of all experience. Gross assumptions are made that lead the majority of individuals to assume that they are conscious, when in fact that, too, is only a reflection of All That Is.

If you are earnestly interested in discovering more about this subject, it may help to conceptualize the veil as a curtain that figuratively separates both actors and audience from the inner Truth that peacefully resides backstage, behind the scenes. Everything in front of the curtain is in time and space; and everything behind the curtain is timeless, eternal, and immortal. Do you dare to leave behind your unquestioned assumptions and discover the nature of true Self? To do so is in our world’s best interest.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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