We derive the title of today’s article from the song of the same name. It was first published in 1951 and made famous by the late great Nat King Cole, who lent his dulcet voice to it and many other wonderful songs. Here, I offer you the lyrics to the first verse:

That’s what you are
Though near or far

Although the lyrics were undoubtedly intended to express the love that one lover might feel for another, they also perfectly describe our true Self. Much to the protest of the ego, our essential nature is That which is truly unforgettable–unlike the descriptions of the mind, which refer to a conceptual self only. At any point in time, we might forget what we are, or where we are; but it is literally impossible to forget that we are. There, in that placeless place, are we–Conscious Awareness. Our true Self is irreducible and unforgettable, the very foundation of our Being. It is impossible to be separated from that which we are.

To this, the self created by the finite mind will protest strongly. Due to the rampant conditioning of our little self (whose apparent identity is blindly accepted by the majority of persons), the ego will persistently attempt to convince us that we must accept the rubbish stories of birth and death. It will pound upon the door of our logical mind and scream that we must believe in our own demise–that true Self and conceptions of our identity are one and same. They are not. True Self is not the story of our litte self.

True Self is prior to the finite mind, not after. Almost always overlooked, the real “You” is the silent witness of all that is happening in your so-called “life.” This Truth can be known now by becoming still and daring to enter the silence that is free of the mind’s conditioning. In short, we must simply Be. The key is not to try to “be” anything; for in that attempt, we lose track of what we already are–now and forever.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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