“Feeling” The Prayer

Prayer, as everyone realizes, is a highly personal subject. Some persons pray every day, some only when a grave concern arises, and others never. The manner of prayer also differs greatly. Please know that I’m not trying to tell anyone the proper way to do anything. The purpose of this article is to offer a viewpoint and understanding of prayer expressed by Neville Goddard, which varies greatly from the common approach. Of Barbadian descent, Neville lived in the United States, where he lectured about mysticism and the Bible. Many, if not all, of his books are available in the public domain. I first discovered his numerous books through my passion for studying the Law of Attraction.

One of the key points related to the Law of Attraction teachings is that “we bring about what we think about.” As that relates to the subject of prayer, Goddard added that we must imbue our thoughts with the feeling of the wish fulfilled. When we’re imagining our desire, we must picture it “from” the desired end–whatever that might be. To visualize “of” the end, implies subject-object duality and, therefore, separation from the very results that we desire. So many persons are praying to a conceptual deity with the hope of “getting” a desired result in the future. It’s like trying to get wet from the concept of water. As Oneness and Nowness is the underlying Truth of the Universe, we must align our method of praying with that. To do so, we must claim (in our imagination) what we desire as existing NOW. Time (and space) is a concept rendered via the mind; but all experience occurs NOW–not at some conceptual future date. If this seems nonsensical, please try to experience “next Tuesday.” When Tuesday arrives, it can only be experienced NOW. Below are four teachings relating to prayer, which I’ve borrowed from Goddard’s books:




Many individuals approach prayer with an attitude of begging. While being humble in all of our dealings is certainly wise, an attitude of begging only amplifies the feeling of distance from the desire fulfilled. Contrary to popular belief, God does not play favourites with His children–bestowing blessings or curses based on good or bad behaviour. In mind, we must exemplifly our ideals (set a clear pattern) before they will become apparent through the senses. We must claim what we desire NOW; for what is impressed in the mind, will be expressed.

Bob Proctor, who is noted for his outstanding career related to the Law of Attraction, adds to this knowledge with the following statement: “You can only attract what you’re in harmony with.” To pray effectively–for improved health (even cure), abundant wealth, greater success greater–is to envision yourself with your desire fulfilled NOW. If you’re envisioning your desires as occuring in the future, such results are doomed to remain in a conceptual future. Given the challenging conditions that so many persons are experiencing, the subject of prayer–and pointers leading to more effective praying–seemed highly relevent.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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