Anatomy of a Life

My passion, as many of you already know, is writing and sharing articles about Consciousness, the Law of Attraction, and Spirituality to help deepen our understanding of these interrelated subjects. My intention is to help alleviate some of the needless suffering in the apparent world. Here, as a change from my usual format, I offer a poem of mine entitled Anatomy of a Life. For readers who may feel stuck in fear or worry related to identification with the body-mind perspective, I hope the poem will help you turn within and glimpse your true Self, waiting to be recognized.


Anatomy of a Life

Neither in embryo do we begin,
Nor in dark grave do we end;
For we, Spirit--eternal, are but visitors here,
With soul and flesh to blend.
For three score ten, or more or less,
We breathe, we eat,
We taste, we touch,
We hear and smell and see;
And for a time unknown our hearts keep beat
To the rhythm of Mortality, that ghost of human destiny.
Throughout this mortal maze of Maya,
We dream, we scheme,
We plot, we plan,
Conceiving this and creating that
While holding a secret prayer in our heart
To learn our reason for Being,
To have our deepest thirst quenched.
Toward that goal,
We clutch to the glorious, sustaining hope
That this—this burning bridge of human trials and triumphs—
Will have mattered, held importance, or made a difference.
When Truth is known, we glimpse Eternity
And realize we are not who we’ve assumed ourselves to be.
We are God incarnate, and our character but a phantom of mind.
Having tread upon the dust of our ancestors,
We come and, inevitably, go.
Loving, lusting,
Laughing, crying,
Reaching, raging,
We have only dreamed this human time.
Such is the grandest mystery yet,
From first sunrise, beyond last sunset.

- R. Arthur Russell -

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Life

  1. Wow Art!
    Masterfully written. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift and helping raise the Consciousness of humanity.


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