The Regression

Since my teenage years, I’ve possessed an incredible longing to know the nature of our origin. To settle for the common definition of name and form always felt sadly lacking; for it seemed obvious (at least to me) that such was like a recipe that was missing not an–but The–essential ingredient. My deep and earnest curiousity, which has been lessened by a degree of revelation that I once believed impossible to know, has now transformed into a magical appreciation for Life, Itself. As a humble offering to you, my spiritual brothers and sisters, I present the following poem from my youth:


The Regression

Compelled by deep desire
To know my true Self,
To find that part of me
Distinct and separate of the body and the mind,
I employed a hypnotist to assist me with my quest.
Eyes closed, entranced, 
I was soon transported aboard a conjured boat.
Amidst the pitch and roll of mystic waves,
I heard the lulling voice of the hypnotist
As he steered me up my stream of consciousness
To discover the Truth of my origin.
Through swirling memories
Entwined with wisps of emotion,
He guided me deep, and even deeper still, 
Beyond my adolescence and childhood,
To the womb.
There, wrapped in the warm flesh
Of my loving mother,
He coaxed me back, farther still,
Until I faintly heard him ask, “Where are you now?”
Bathed in a light and love
Which I intuitively embraced
As both my beginning and my end,
I joyously replied,
“I am with God.”

- R. Arthur Russell -

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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