In The Spirit Of Oneness

As Tom sat on the bench at the edge of the park, the beauty of the warm spring day caught his ego off guard. It stole his attention and dissolved his personhood in the transcendent unity of the present moment. He was limitless, beyond time. It was impossible to say where he began or ended; for there was only here and now. The birds and squirrels and flowers–even the ants at his feet–seemed to shimmer with innocent aliveness. Everything felt so beautiful. There was no impulse to judge this as right, or that as wrong. He was afloat in the world of Is-ness; his heart overflowing with gratitude. All thought of work or need or duty or fear had vanished. The faint echo of Spirit called to him; and he found himself mouthing, “Hello.”

“Hello,” said Spirit. “I’ve been missing you.”

Without thought or pause, Tom said, “And I, You.”

“Please come and visit,” said Spirit.

Tom smiled, and a shiver of delight swept through his Being. It had been a long time since he had visited that placeless place. “What do I need to bring?” he asked softly.

“Nothing,” whispered Spirit. “Just come as you are.”

“But don’t I need to bring my trophies, or at least my résumé? ” asked Tom.

“No, Little One,” said Spirit. “You need bring none of those things.”

“What does it cost?”

“Nothing, it’s free to everyone.”

“Do I need to schedule an appointment?” asked Tom.

“No,” said Spirit with a smile that Tom could feel, “it’s always Now when we visit.”

“What should I wear?” asked Tom. “Is this a formal or informal affair?”

“This is a LOVE affair,” said Spirit, “and everyone is welcome. Just come as you are. In fact, it’s impossible to bring anything else.”

“That’s so different from the human way,” said Tom, incredulous. “Here, it’s the custom to pride ourselves on being above one another. Almost all of our societies implicitly and explicitly command our members to feel superior or inferior based on criteria that ultimately mean nothing.”

“Yes,” said Spirit, “I know. That’s the human way; but such is not My Way. With Me, everyone is welcome. My love does not discriminate. It embraces all in all.”

“A current of relief swept through Tom’s body. “You mean I’m good enough just as I Am?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” replied Spirit, “most definitely.”

A fluttering butterfly brought Tom’s attention back to the bench. Tom looked at his lunch bag, which was untouched. Had he dreamed the enlightening conversation with Spirit? No, he had not–it was real. In fact, his experience felt more real than the world around him. A glance at his watch told him it was time to return to work. He ate his sandwich as he walked back to the office. Later, at home, he would make time to meditate…to commune once again in the Spirit of Oneness.


Dear Friends: I’m sure that you reaize this is not just a sweet account of a man daydreaming on a park bench. It’s far more than that. Through the use of the story, my intention was to illustrate an inner dimension–of true Self–that is beyond the conceptual little “i” of name and form. This dimension goes unnoticed by the majority of persons, who’ve become lost in the apparent world of form. The price of admission to knowingly enter this dimension is to become still and quiet the mind for a few minutes each day. In doing so, we escape the clutches of the mind and ascend to a vantage point where we may recognize our true nature. From The Mystical I, by Joel Goldsmith, I offer the following quote: “The reason we meditate is that the Kingdom of God may be established on earth as it is on heaven.” It’s possible–here and now–to wake up from the dream of personhood. We are neither the body, nor the mind. We are Spirit, eternal.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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3 thoughts on “In The Spirit Of Oneness

  1. “Wordless oneness” was what someone once described a deep meditation being like to me. That always resonated deeply. When you let go of all conceptualising and simply be. Another great post Art 🙏


  2. Nice use of the dragonfly, perfect use!!
    It is so true that we can wake up to whom we really are…that realization is a gift…truly Grace.


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