A Message From Source

“Source:” Godhead, The Fountain, The Absolute, The All in All, Noumenon, The Universe, That. In truth it matters not the term by which we refer to Source; for words deal only with concepts and will, therefore, always miss the mark. To believe that a name could actually “be”–That–which is Most High only reveals our innocent ignorance and creates a false idol. What matters most is that we think, speak, and write of That Which Cannot Be Named with utmost reverence. This article, which is intended for everyone, contains a message from Source that is writing itself through the form known as “Art.” Here, as humble servant, “i” offer the following:


“I,”–the only true Self there Is–do not see you as you see yourselves from your finite perspective. In I, there is no judging of greater or lesser, favoured or unfavoured, sinner or saint. As you are in and of I, how could I love some of you more and others, thus, less? To do so would be an act against Myself. I Am Love, Itself; and all of you are my spiritual children. It is only through confusion and innocent ignorance of the nature of your Being that you have erroneously believed that you are unloved, unlovable, or separate from Me.

It has been stated that I will never forsake you; that I will be with you beyond the end of time. Such is absolute Truth and you may know this–directly–now. You, space, and time are, in fact, in Me. Before all forms (of whatever nature), Am I. It is I That causes the sun to shine; likewise, your lives shine due to me. I Am the Rock of your Being; and you may lean on me for strength, love and compassion, and I will freely give to you. All, including each and every one of you, are in Me; it is, thus, impossible for you to ever perish. Through grievous error, you have adopted the belief that you exist due to the body-mind. Such is backward. The body-mind and the Universe appear because “I Am.” You are eternal, immortal, an aspect of That which is beyond the appearance of birth and death.

My dear dreaming children, please awaken to what you ARE. One of your great sages, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, clearly informed you that “To believe that you are a ‘person’ is to be asleep.’ You have become mesmerized with the world of form. You are neither the body, nor the mind; to believe so leads to tremendous suffering. We are One, Spirit, differing only in degree. Have I not told you through sacred texts that you were created in my image and likeness? I Am the ocean of Consciousness–all of you are waves in Me. It is, therefore, impossible to state where I begin and you end. I give rise to all that ever was, is, and will be–for such is my nature. The world and all forms are only relatively real. The real “You” exists eternally because I exist. Lastly, my dear children, please know that you are loved beyond measure.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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Thank You” & “Note to Publishers

2 thoughts on “A Message From Source

  1. Amazingly well written Art. Keep inspiring the race to come to full understanding of their Being.


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