Into the Unknown


Our study of the Law of Attraction is the study of deliberate creation. It’s about knowledge of natural laws. It’s about living with passion, authenticity, and intention. It’s also a journey of self discovery–of our deeper nature, our value system, and our true potential. There are no shortcuts to greater empowerment; we have many lessons to learn. One of the most important is this: To create the reality we desire, we must be willing–and courageous enough–to change.

To create with deliberate intention, it’s imperative–and absolutely necessary–to let go of the known and risk stepping into the unknown. Why? Because logic informs us that if we continue to think and behave in habitual patterns, we can only reap predictable results. The achievement of new desires does not occur by chance, accident, happenstance, or luck. Creation follows laws–this time, every time. If we doubt this truth, we may ask: How often does two plus two equal four? Sometimes? Frequently? Often? Intuitively, we know that always is the answer. Therefore:

If we desire a greater sum–perhaps the number five–we realize that we must add something more to the equation. In the example given–the number one. Applying this knowledge to our life, we may conclude that to move beyond our current circumstances, we must pay the price of our goals by becoming greater than who we are! We must become active participants in our own evolution. Often, if not always, this entails overcoming fears that have kept us mired in the known. Although we might wish it otherwise, the Universe will not yield something for nothing.

How, though, do we step into the unknown? By identifying our habits–first–and then dismantling the boundaries and limiting definitions that we, ourselves, have set in place. In short, this means stepping outside of our routines and habitual ways of being. We may begin with small changes: Awaken early and meditate before work; shop at a new store; walk an unbeaten path; try a different restaurant, food, or beverage; go on a blind date; buy used instead of new, or vice versa; travel to a foreign destination; begin an exercise program; attend a course, party, or play; volunteer for a worthwhile cause; open a savings account; encourage new friendships. Toward specific goals, it important to pay attention to our intuitive nudges and then act–if doing so feels right–even if we’re uncertain of where such action may lead.

Of this we may be certain: Our mind will rebel. It will lie, kick, and scream. It will do its best to convince us that stepping into the unknown is unwise; that doing so involves too great a risk; that our dreams aren’t really worth pursuing. We may wait; we may deny; we may suppress desires that have beckoned for years. However, deep inside us we know the truth, even if we don’t wish to face it. We know when the call of a dream is too strong to be denied. We also know the outcome if we succumb to our fears.

The good news is that we may change–our thinking, our speech, our actions, our habits, and our character. And we may do all of this now! The impossible may become possible; I can’t may become I can! Stepping out of our comfort zone may be challenging–especially at first; but as we grow and learn and evolve, our transformation becomes easier. When we dare to change–by saying yes to opportunity–we also learn, first hand, that the world does not–as rumored–burst into flames or grind to a halt. It goes on just fine…and so do we, emboldened to try and keep on trying. The achievement of our goals is up to us–always has been and always will be. The only question we have to ask ourselves: Are we brave enough to step into the unknown?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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