The “Right” Ticket


We have our dream. We know what we desire. We imagine ourselves with great health, more wealth, a successful career, and wonderful relationships. It feels so real in our mind, as though we’re living the reality of it Now. This is good news! Toward that end–of making our dreams and goals become a physical reality–it’s imperative that we realize that we must also possess something more before we’re going to notice progress. What’s that? It’s the Right Ticket. It may help if we think of it in the following context:

All of us are familiar with the idea of tickets. We realize that if we want to see a movie, we must first purchase a ticket. We then present it to the ticket checker who confirms that it’s valid, and then admits us to the movie theater. In the case of a theme park, we are also required to show proof of our ticket purchase–in this case, perhaps a stamp on the back of our hand–before being allowed on the roller coaster. When traveling by plane or railway, we also understand the concept of presenting a valid ticket. Without one, we’re not going to be allowed to go anywhere. With all of these examples, we understand that the ticket is a required symbol.

To experience the realization of our goals we also require The Right Ticket. Without it, it’s going to be impossible–or extremely unlikely–that we’ll ever achieve our goals. That means that the new house, the incredible career, the wonderful relationship, the world travel, the fantastic health–will remain outside of our life experience. Not just any ticket will do; it must also be the Right Ticket. With regards to the Law of Attraction–and manifesting the life of our dreams–the only ticket that’s valid is one that represents a positive attitude acquired through the habitual practice of positive thinking. The Wrong Ticket–or attitude–can only lead to negative experiences. Now, here’s the caveat: While there’s no guarantee that the Right Ticket will make our dreams become a reality, I can absolutely guarantee that a negative ticket will not–and cannot–lead to the achievement of our goals.

To readers who believe that this information can’t possibly make the difference that I claim, please consider this: Do you really believe that negative thoughts and beliefs can possibly help you achieve your goal? Can they take you anywhere good? Referring to the analogy of the movie theater again, we can logically conclude that the ticket checker would examine our ticket and–with a grimace–say, “Sorry, I’d like to let you in, I truly would. But we don’t show those type of movies here; they’re just too negative!” Life, too, functions that way. The rules are the rules. The solution is to choose the better ticket. That, of course, is up to us.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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