Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

Our study of the Law of Attraction is done for one basic reason: To improve our skill at deliberate creation. Most individuals seem dependent on Fate, that cruel master who delivers a good life to some…but not to most. We, however, yearn to be free; to create according to our own desires. With this in mind, we govern our thoughts, words, and actions. We trust that we will be guided. And so…

We apply ourselves earnestly. We water our goal daily, as though tending to an intangible seed. We read books and study; learn from mentors who’ve been successful in a similar field; take action based on intuitive guidance. At some point, however, we may stumble over a trait that’s common to many individuals: the desire for perfection.

Here’s the rub: Although the desire to perform flawlessly may seem harmless, or even noble, such a mindset may actually prevent us from ever achieving our goal! Why? Because whether we know it or not, fear is often intimately linked to the desire for perfection. Behind the scenes, our ego may be lurking, whispering: What if people laugh at my efforts? What if I face ridicule, rejection, or failure? What if, what if, what if? And related to this nature of thinking are two consequences: (A) It may prevent us from ever beginning a project (under the guise of being rational); or (B) ever releasing our creative works out into the world. The reason: To keep us comfortably–and supposedly–safe in the shadows.

The good news? Perspective, and the knowledge that we are free to choose it! When we cast off our insane need for perfection–while still maintaining the desire to perform to the best of our current ability–we take giant steps forward! We come into our own sense of power and person!  We also connect with a deeper way of being in the world; one that courageously states “This is my effort! Like it, dislike it! Accept it, or reject it!” We’re able to see beyond our fears related to acceptance, to what truly matters: that we ever tried in the first place! That alone puts us ahead of the crowd! Find one person who has always been successful first time, every time, and we will most likely have found a liar.

We, however, may be honest with ourselves and true to our vision. We may feel the fear and step through it. We may risk being vulnerable to grasp the reward awaiting us! And if we’re concerned about what others think, we may rest assured in this: Chances are they won’t even notice. They’re probably more concerned about what we’re thinking about them.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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