Haven’t Been My”Self” Lately

Ronald “Arthur” Russell, circa – 1959

Through the recognition of Truth, I haven’t been my”self” for the last two years. In fact, we can never actually be the little self (the body-mind, person) that lays claim to our life; but it sure appears that way. The error occurs due to a gross assumption, which, by and large, goes unnoticed. In my case, every joy and every sorrow, every failure and success sure seemed to belong to me–Art Russell, the little guy in the photo above. We can never actually be the bundle of sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, memory, and perceptions (the little “i”) that perpetually masquerades as the sum total of our identity. The little self is only the costumed actor who plays our role during the current performance of “My Life.” The Real “I”–Spirit–has always been with us; off stage, behind the scenes. It is safe, secure, and untouched by any of the human drama.

My little “self” (the apparent thief of identity) did an incredible job of fooling me. Deep within, I had a strong lurking sense that there was far more to us than meets the eye or psyche; but, by and large, I was knowingly disconnected from awareness of my True Self. As a result, there was a significant degree of suffering. That’s what occurs when we’ve strayed too far from the Truth of our Being, to turn us in the right direction. Attempting to keep the costumed “actor” happy is a full time job. It is exhausting; for the false self is rarely content for long. It judges every situation and circumstance; and any happiness that it apparently experiences is always of a relatively fleeting nature.

I share this information to attempt to lighten the load that you may be carrying unnecessarily. When we discover our True Self, everything about our life and the world becomes so much lighter. We regain a playfulness and contentment that we may not have felt since childhood. Yes, there will still be work required to be done–and it will be; but it will be performed with a sense of detached lightness. The perspective that “is” our True Self allows us to view the world and our place within it from a position of wisdom. We live with trust in our heart; rather than by mind-dominated fearfulness. We feel expansive and free; rather than isolated and in competition.

What do I hope that readers may take away from this article, beyond a cool lesson in rocking horse technique? The following:

  • We are all children of One Creator.
  • We are all deserving of Love and respect.
  • We are all on an incredible journeythe story of our life.
  • Each and every one of us has purpose; we are here for a reason.

The journey to recognition of our True Self is one of the most exciting journeys that any of us will ever undertake. It is beyond comparison. It need not be overwhelming. During the process, you’ll most likely realize that you’ve been carrying a lot of negative baggage that, in honesty, belongs only to the false self. You are not the body-mind. On a given day, you may experience startling revelations; or weep tears of joy as you let go of painful emotions. You might begin by nurturing your earnest curiosity and asking: “Who Am Ireally?” Hint: It’s not who you think you are.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “Haven’t Been My”Self” Lately

  1. Thanks for sharing a piece of your story with the readers Srt. Yes indeed we are on an amazing journey to recognition! Keep inspiring us to nurture our curiosity.


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