“True-Self” Centeredness

Regarding the title of this article: Please know that I am not advocating living a lowercase “self”-centered life; we already have more than enough of that present in the world. I speak from experience; for I kept “Art,” the persona that I once believed myself to be, fed, watered, and distracted for many years. In the end, “he” (although well-intentioned) proved not only tiring but also frustrating. Such is the way of the false self; it is never satisfied.

Now, I realize that “my” happiest days–paradoxically–are when there is little sense of a personal “i.” My suffering, which could not be alleviated through the usual ways of this world (think: possessions, careers, relationships, and vacations), finally led to a crack in the shell of the guy that professed to be me. I saw that beneath the facade of Art there is a profound Reality that does not need to try to be anything. It just is. It is true Self, Universal Spirit. By this I do not mean to suggest that I found a new way of being, or acquired some sort of spiritual badge to be pinned to Art’s lapel. I recognized (to know again) the domain of true Self, the silent witness of our human drama.

To be established in true Self is, indeed, to live from the center of our Being. It is a Unitive Power; for it recognizes Itself in everything and everyone. There are no strangers from this perspective of living; for we are all recognized as spiritual family. It is That–uppercase “Self”–to which the title of this article refers. To state that such is pure bliss may be an overstatement; but to knowingly live from the perspective of Truth is definitely more peaceful than existing as the false self. Why? Because the false self, which is divisive and competitive by nature, is actually the root of all of our so-called problems. Now, from the perspective of Awareness, the thoughts of “what’s in this for me?” rarely, if ever, occur. If they do, they are recognized as the shenanigans of the little self attempting to diminish the unconditioned quality of life.

How do we realize true Self and establish ourselves in the center of our Being? The good news is that there is nothing to be done; for no amount of doing can transform us into what we already “are.” There is nothing to be acquired. Only ego would dare to proclaim that climbing yet another mountain is required to be enough. We need only recognize that we are–already–That which we seek. I know of no better way to recognize this Truth than to let go of all of our doing. The transcendent dimension of true Self can be found in silent stillness; for that is the trademark of Its nature.

There, dear friends, is what I meant by being “Self Centered.” This is true Self, the Source in which we live and move and have our being. It is unchanging, immortal, eternal, and irreducible. This is the discovery beyond all discoveries; the inner treasure for which we seek. It needs nothing; for out of It arises everything. It is the center of our Being, and It can be known–directly–now.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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