Arrogance, Thy Name is “Human”

Humankind (collectively) is free, indeed, even to display its ignorance. In celebration of our apparent dominion over nature and foreign nations, we are free to march our merry band and proclaim ourselves rulers of the Universe; but as we do, we simultaneously–unknowingly–proudly wave our own arrogance and ignorance like flags of honour. Time and time again we do this; for we are unaware, but unaware that we are unaware. How staunchly humankind proclaims that God has no place in the Universe; that we arose to our self-appointed high-and-mighty position through our ingenuity and marvelous talents. Like dancing apes, we pat ourselves over the latest Plexiglas innovations deemed to keep ourselves safe; for we, humans, will prevail. H O G W A S H. We are gnats (although fine ones), unaware that we are riding an Elephant. “Look how mightily we thunder along!” we cry. “We stomp; we shake the earth; we know!”

Anyone with even the slightest interest in neuroscience realizes that we don’t have a clue how consciousness arises. We guess, we theorize, and we assume. Scientists observe correlative activity in the brain; but the fact remains: We Do Not Know. Yet, we presume that we rule the Earth via a strange and magical combination of neural processes that gives rise to the little “i” within each of our cranium. We claim this, but we cannot prove it. Why? Because it’s an assumption that is false through and through. The Elephant referred to in the first paragraph is God, aka Consciousness. The majority of humankind rides ITs back without knowing that our very lives depend upon IT. If God were not, we would not be. Simple as that. From Acts 17:28, we may read the following:

For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.”

Our collective egos gag in discomfort with this verse; for it not only suggests but states–outright–that humankind is not as independent as it claims. Oh, yes, we are willing to admit that we let God do some activities (such as creating our babies, healing our cuts, and pumping our hearts), but still we insist on burying God’s light within the depth of our own ignorance. For what? Is human pride and belief in lies worth that much? What is to be gained by denying the way, the truth, and the life that lovingly and unconditionally gives that we, too, may live?

The fact is that humans are being lived. To believe that we possess volition from the body-mind perspective is to believe–as does a child seated behind the wheel of an electric circus car–that we are steering. The majority of persons will strongly deny this fact; for their egos cry, “Balderdash, I decide and I act!” For a contemplative few, this might seem depressing; but such need not be the case. Although living by Truth, as an aspect of Truth, involves surrender of the false personal identity, we, thereby, gain understanding that we are an aspect of That which is real and everlasting. From this vantage point, we realize that humanness is bondage, but Spirit is absolutely free.

Until humanind recognizes it’s true nature, the creation will express less power and knowledge than the Creator; yet with sly arrogant pride, humankind beats its chest and proclaims that it somehow–miraculously–creates itself. How, dear readers, would we even begin from the human perspective? Do we have the slightest clue of how to propagate our species? We realize, of course, the functions of gender required in mating, but do we know how to orchestrate the grand cellular symphony required to create a human? No, that is done for us–a gift of God. How patient God is, silent and still, as humankind takes bow after bow upon this stage called “life on Earth.” Upon reflection, we have opportunity to richly express our thanks for our very life. It may become our heart song of gratitude to our Creator.

Special Note: I, Art Russell, did not write this article. By myself I can do nothing. It is the Father that dwelleth in me that doeth the works.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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