By Their Fruits

How may we better know what persons, businesses, and even cities or countries deem important? I suggest that we may gain a sense of their innermost values and motives by their fruits. Their fruits (works) are the reflection of an inner creative urge. Many of you will realize that this expression comes from the Bible. The actual passage is from Matthew 7:16:

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

Please let me be clear: I’m not pretending to be a theologian; the following is my interpretation only. I believe the passage is advising us how to know whether a person has recognized the Truth of their Being. If so, their work will reflect that it is being performed for the good of everyone. If the work seems to be motivated by selfishness and self-centeredness, such would indicate that the perspective of the body-mind is still ruling.

The modern way of expressing the same message is well known: Actions speak louder than words. I’m not suggesting that we should apply this knowledge in a judgmental way. My intention is to help us learn how to express our best qualities through sincere behavior that elevates all of us. Some introspection via the following questions may help us to better understand ourselves and persons with whom we interact:

  • Do “they” habitually give…or take? What’s true of me?
  • Do “they” habitually arrive on time…or show up late? What’s true of me?
  • Do “they” habitually criticize and speak negatively…or offer support and positivitiy? What’s true of me?
  • Do “they habitually keep their promises…or rarely, if ever? What’s true of me?
  • Do they habitually say they’re going to try…or do they deliver? What’s true of me?
  • Do they habitually pay on time…or attempt to dodge their debts? What’s true of me?
  • Do they habitually “walk the talk”…or only talk? What’s true of me?
  • Do they habitually deliver the best goods and services possible…or attempt to get away with shoddy work? What’s true of me?

The list could have been much longer; for the questions can be raised about every aspect of life. In truth, the list isn’t about others; it’s really about taking a look at ourselves and the manner in which we live and move and have our being. We have enormous potential within us; and when we express our highest ideal, not our lowest, the world and our experiences in it dramatically improve. The true question is this: “What is the nature of the fruit by which we will be known?”

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “By Their Fruits

  1. Goodmorning!! Great article! Yes!!!Striving for our highest ideal IS raising the Consciousness of all being!
    Have a fantastic morning!

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