Forgive Me My Sins

I freely admit that I have not lived a perfect life–far from it. Through insight, however, I can admit that the story of “my life” (complete with all of its so-called flaws) has provided lessons that were absolutely perfect for my continuing evolution. I trust this process (the Power that heals my cuts and beats my heart) implicitly. Every blade of grass and every so-called weed is in the right place, at the right time. Therefore, my weedly actions (and yours, too) may be considered right. Logically, how can we possibly do better until we know better? Without question, the key that unlocks improved behaviour in the world is knowledge of our essential nature. Until we know, we are destined to “miss the mark.” With that in mind, I offer one of my own quotes:

As we see ourself, we see another.”

Until we know our unity as Oneness, this world will be ruled by forces that arise from the perspective of the costumes, aka humans. In my case, the behaviour that was expressed through Art was–as with everyone else on the planet–due to karmic debt and the conditioning of my Being. We, quite literally, are programmed to believe that we are something (the person) that we are not. This erroneous identification with the apparent body-mind causes us tremendous pain and suffering; and whether we realize so or not, we bear the weight of our ignorance upon our back both personally and collectively.

For instance: A family whose members are unaware of their essential nature is destined to experience alternating periods of peace and strife in varying degrees. For a while, there may be little or no conflict; but eventually the polar energies of this environment called “Life on Earth” may lead to challenging conditions. Here, we can only know objects and concepts by their apparent opposite. For instance: We know mountain by its valley; right by left; in by out. Due to these polar energies, persons will be pulled or pushed in energetic patterns and collide psychologically, emotionally, and (in the worst case scenario) physically. The way that each person processes life further programs the persons within the environment. If harsh judgment rules the environment (due to ignorance), strife is bound to continue and may, in fact, lead to a fractured family.

The price that we pay for ignorance of our essential nature, both personally and collectively, is very costly; and all of us pay the price on a worldwide basis. The same alternating forces that play out within a family, play out on a collective global scale. Therefore, hateful thoughts lead to conflict and malevolent actions; selfish thoughts lead to selfishness and greed; insincere thoughts lead to hypocrisy and perfunctory behaviour. However, when Love governs our actions (which can only occur when we realize true nature), harmony will be witnessed and experienced by everyone.

The greatest sin we will ever make is to be unaware of What–not who–we are. We are neither the body, nor the mind. Ignorance will strongly attempt to convince us that we are this flesh and bones; this mortal human vehicle born to die, but such is not founded in Truth. We cannot “be” what we are not–namely, the mortal “human.” From Vedanta, Voice of Vedanta by Swami Vivekananda: We are “children of immortal bliss.” We are Spirit manifest in human form, having an apparent earthly life. My greatest sins occurred because I knew not true Self; therefore, I knew not the highest Self–Spirit–of everyone else. Just for clarity, we are not seeking forgiveness as a person (by other persons); we are seeking forgiveness from the perspective of the person. This occurs when we realize our essential nature.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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